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Clickmeter review

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For bloggers, influencers, and marketing agencies, it’s important to track not only the clicks on your profile and affiliate links but also the conversions of those clicks. How many viewers are subscribing or buying into your affiliate marketing? 

ClickMeter allows users to track the clicks and conversions of their affiliate links, websites, ads, and social media links.  It’s common for businesses and affiliate marketers to only track the clicks, but tracking conversions is crucial to growing your business effectively. With ClickMeter, you can manage all of your links in one place. 

This ClickMeter review will look at the features, benefits, pricing, pros and cons, and alternatives to ClickMeter so that you can understand if ClickMeter is right for your business.

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What is ClickMeter? 

What is clickmeter

ClickMeter is a link tracker created to monitor, compare and optimize all your marketing links in one place. ClickMeter was founded by Davide De Guz in 2012. 

Being around for a decade, ClickMeter has learned the ins and outs of affiliate marketing and marketing campaign success. ClickMeter’s goal is to increase your conversion rates by giving you access to all of the information you need. 

Conversion tracking shows you the number of users who click on your links and go through with the purchase or subscription. Getting more clicks is always important, but if users aren’t buying the product, the clicks are meaningless.

Despite being around for over a decade, few clickmeter.com reviews actually break down the details, pricing, and benefits of using ClickMeter. 

Why You Should Be Using ClickMeter

Clickmeter tracking link - how it works

ClickMeter makes tracking the growth of your business simple. By understanding your conversion rates on links and your website, you can find areas to improve and expand upon, sustaining business growth. When you buy ads or manage affiliate links, the data you will receive is not all-encompassing. 

Link tracking software such as ClickMeter finds and tracks all of the data from your clicks and views and finds the information you didn’t know was necessary. This information includes finding out where in the world most of your views are coming from and what time of day you get the best conversion rates. 


Clickmeter features

ClickMeter advertises having over 100 unique features for bloggers and agencies to use. These features are broken down into six categories: Redirect, Track, Analyze, Collaborate, Integrate, and Develop. Each category has a long list of specific features and characteristics that are made to help users expand their business and business goals. 


Through ClickMeter’s redirection feature, you can analyze users who click on your marketing links or ads and redirect them to landing pages that have the best conversions. You can control which landing pages your links redirect users to based on their language, country, device type, and more. You can also create password-protected redirects and redirects based on a specific schedule. 

Here is a list of each redirect feature from ClickMeter:

  • Target by country, language, device type, and user type

  • Random, sequential, weighted, first click and max clicks redirect

  • Countdown links

  • Password protected, time-scheduled, HTTP(s), dynamic redirect

  • IP rotation

  • Search engine friendly

  • Pass parameters to the destination

  • Link cloaking, including:

    • URL encryption

    • Customizable page title

  • Referral wiping

  • Branded tracking links

  • Turn links on/off

  • Tag your links

  • Clone links

  • Editable destination URLs

  • Bulk link creation/import


With ClickMeter’s track features, you can track the clicks and conversion rates based on timestamps, IP addresses, country/region, language, browser type, keywords, and custom parameters. Additionally, you can find out which aspects of your marketing produce downloads, sales, leads, and other conversions. This feature allows you to understand which landing pages convert the most while complying with privacy laws and blocking spammers. 

A full list of ClickMeter’s track features includes: 

  • View and click tracking for:

    • IP

    • Country

    • Region

    • City

    • Organization

    • Language

    • Browser, visitor, and platform type

    • Source analysis

    • Custom parameters

    • Keywords

  • Conversions tracking:

    • Conversion funnel

    • Configurable cookies

    • Track multiple conversions

    • Track product ID

    • Track custom parameters

    • Track conversion value

    • Track commission amount

    • Conversions piggyback


  • Split (A/B) test

  • UE Privacy

  • IPs exclusion

  • Block spammers

  • Google Analytics UTM


ClickMeter offers dashboard KPIs, trend reports, campaigns, links, and pixel lists that allow you to understand how your campaigns are doing at a glance or in detail. Additionally, you can compare two conversion processes or campaigns to find out which process produces the best conversion rates. ClickMeter’s analyzation features also include ways to live track click-streams, where those clicks originate from, and which links get the most clicks. 

ClickMeter’s extensive analysis features include:

  • Dashboard KPIs

  • Trend reports

  • The campaign, links, and tracking pixel list

  • Conversion comparison table

  • Click-stream

  • Clicks on World-map

  • Comparison reports

  • Detailed data point reports with:

    • Daily, weekly, monthly

    • List of clicks

    • World map

    • Top browsers, IPs, keywords, sources, parameters, organizations, nations, and cities

  • Clicks composition bar

  • Conversion rate

  • Global search

  • Export in Excel (CSV)

  • Report shortcuts

  • Email and audio notifications

  • Filter by tag

  • Customizable timeframe

  • Advanced reports settings

    • Six different languages

    • Use your logo, timezone, currency, and time and number format


ClickMeter’s collaborative features allow you to share reports and manage multiple sub-accounts at once. Share your reports through private or public sharing options so that employees or coworkers can view and analyze your results from ClickMeter.

Collaboration features with ClickMeter involve:

  • Fast sharing

  • Private/public share

  • Sharing notifications via email

  • Sub-accounts management

  • Shared report autologin link


ClickMeter partners with third-party organizations and applications to provide customers with the analytics of any platform they use. The applications include WordPress, AdWords, Chrome, Shopify, Safari, and more. By partnering with these organizations, ClickMeter gives you the ability to track your clicks and conversion rates on these platforms. 

The following is a comprehensive list of their integration features:

  • AdWords

  • Affiliate networks

  • Analytics UTM

  • Backpage

  • Chrome

  • Rebrandly

  • Firefox

  • Megaphone

  • Retargeting/remarketing

  • Safari

  • Shopify

  • WordPress


 Leverage the ClickMeter tracking engines and scalable database clusters without having to use a third party to redirect layers or create new analytics. ClickMeter offers all the services you need to develop your business and marketing campaigns fully. 

The top development features with ClickMeter include:

  • Full-featured endpoints

  • SandBox

  • Detailed documentation

  • Multiple API Keys

  • Engineers consulting


Each of the above features comes with over 100+ elements that are designed to make tracking and growing your business with marketing efforts easier. ClickMeter puts analytics, tracking, development, integration, redirection, and collaboration all in one spot. 

By creating an all-in-one software, ClickMeter is beneficial for any agency, advertiser, publisher, affiliate marketer, and developer. The benefits of using a platform such as ClickMeter include accessibility for small businesses, expansive event-tracking capabilities, enhanced marketing & excellent reporting.

ClickMeter for Small Businesses

ClickMeter provides unmatched benefits for beginner bloggers and small businesses. They offer small monthly plans that are designed specifically for businesses or bloggers who are just starting to gain website traction and data. 

Other software solutions may offer more clicks per dollar, but for beginners, many of those clicks go to waste. ClickMeter offers affordable and manageable-sized plans for those still learning the ins and outs of marketing.

ClickMeter for Large Agencies

Clickmeter for marketing agencies

ClickMeter has the capacity to help businesses track up to 50,000,000 clicks and views on various websites and links. Tracking millions of results can get confusing, but ClickMeter’s reports and engineer support are each designed with that in mind. ClickMeter makes it so you can easily understand the vast amount of data collected on your web page by your company. 

Clickmeter Pricing

Clickmeter Pricing

ClickMeter determines pricing based on the amount of data and clicks you need to track each month. The higher the traction on your sites and affiliate links, the more you pay for ClickMeter services. 

ClickMeter offers three packages, each with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with their services. Occasionally, there may be a ClickMeter sale or referral that can provide you with ClickMeter discounted services.

Medium Package

ClickMeter’s medium-size package starts as low as $19 a month. In this package, you receive tracking and analytic capabilities of 5,000 clicks or views each month. For $19 a month, you can create a maximum of 500 banners, tracking links, tracking pixels, and rotators, as well as one branded domain. You can also receive one year of data storage. 

Every package, regardless of size, also receives access to the 100+ features offered by ClickMeter, including full Excel exports and affiliate marketing tools. This is a great option for smaller bloggers just getting started.

For $29 a month, you can increase your medium package to track and analyze up to 25,000 clicks and views a month and 2,500 banners, tracking links, tracking pixels, and rotators. This option allows for only one branded domain and one year of data storage. 

If you wanted to increase the amount of tracking and analysis capabilities to up to 50,000 clicks and views a month, you’d pay $49 a month. $49 would also get you 5,000 banners, tracking links, tracking pixels, and rotators, but the amount of branded domains and yearly data storage would stay the same. 

$69 a month is the last price option in the medium subscription, offering 100,000 trackable clicks and views a month with 10,000 banners, tracking links, tracking pixels, and rotators. However, affiliate marketing tools, features, branded domains, and data storage stay the same. 


ClickMeter’s large subscription package starts at $99 a month. The large option is considered the best for cost value. With their $ 99-a-month package, customers receive tracking and analyzing capabilities of up to 200,000 clicks and views per month. 

In addition to 200,000 events, you receive 20,000 data points (tracking links, tracking pixels, rotators, and banners) as well as two years of data storage. 

The large subscription package is perfect for large agencies or companies, as this package allows for up to 10 branded domains and ten sub-accounts. Sub-accounts are not available in smaller packages. 

The large package offers all of the same features and affiliate marketing tools as previous packages. However, it adds click-fraud protection and puts your logo in each of its reports. 

For $119 a month, you can track up to 300,000 clicks and views and create 30,000 data points. This option provides the same two-year data storage as well as ten branded domains and ten sub-accounts. 

$149 a month increases your tracking capabilities to 500,000 clicks and views with 50,000 data points. Branded domains and sub-accounts stay the same. For $199 a month, tracking and analyzing capabilities of clicks and views increase to 1,000,000 a month with 100,000 data points. 


X-large is the most extensive package offered by ClickMeter. Starting at $349 a month, the x-large package provides you with the resources to track 2,000,000 clicks and views and 200,000 data points (tracking links, tracking pixels, rotators, and banners). Customers receive up to three years of data storage, 100 branded domains, and 100 sub-accounts. 

X-large is the ideal choice for large corporate agencies and publishers with a lot of data to manage and track, especially if they’re looking to continue growing. In addition to the features offered with the regular large subscription, x-large customers receive dedicated engineer support to help with complicated set-up and API integration.

X-large has additional options to increase the number of clicks and views. These options include $449 a month for 3,000,000 events (clicks and views) and 300,000 data points, $649 for 5,000,000 events and 500,000 data points, $990 for 10,000,000 events and 100,000 data points, and lastly, $3,990 for 50,000,000 events and 500,000 data points.

ClickMeter Deals

ClickMeter frequently offers discounts, sales, and savings that make using ClickMeter worth it.

Bloggers and agencies can make money just by using Click Meter if they sign up to be a ClickMeter affiliate. 

Put ads to ClickMeter on your website and earn money if someone signs up for ClickMeter by clicking on your ad. ClickMeter promo codes and ClickMeter referrals are also 

frequently available. Create a ClickMeter account or contact ClickMeter support to learn more. 

ClickMeter also offers customizable packages if needed. Contact ClickMeter today if you think this pertains to you or your business. ClickMeter offers specialized pricing and packages for companies that need it.

Pros and Cons


  • Accessibility

  • Wide-range of redirection

  • Effective API

  • Reporting Capabilities

  • Compatible with Google Analytics

  • No Minimum Commitment


  • Complicated for beginners

  • More expensive


Consumers praise ClickMeter for its ease of use and accessible sharing capabilities. For experienced bloggers and agencies, ClickMeter’s seemingly complicated, advanced features are easily understood and enhance their experience with analytics and data. ClickMeter provides users with over 30 redirection options to aid conversion rates and advanced API. 

The reporting capabilities of ClickMeter are also ideal for the average blogger, agency, or publisher, providing over 30 ways to analyze data reports. ClickMeter also partners with notable third-party companies to enhance the data you can track, including Google analytics. 

Lastly, ClickMeter requires zero minimum commitment from its customers. You can stop your subscription at any time if you aren’t satisfied and receive a refund if it’s within 30 days. This is a great feature for small businesses or bloggers who are unsure about the price and cost value. 


To get the most out of ClickMeter, you may need more experience with data and analytics in general. For beginner bloggers or small businesses, this means some of the features from ClickMeter may go unused due to their complicated nature. 

ClickMeter features are difficult for these groups because you only receive guaranteed set-up assistance and engineer support if you pay for the X-large package, which most small bloggers or small businesses will not do. 

ClickMeter is also more expensive than the average click-tracking service, especially for small businesses and bloggers. Although the starting package begins as low as $19 a month, you must increase your monthly payment to increase the number of trackable clicks and views. 

Staying at the $19 5,000 clicks and views data tracking may not provide you with the most accurate data and conversion rates possible. This price increase is not always doable for beginners in the industry. 


If you’re looking for alternatives to ClickMeter, you can find platforms offering the same or more features for similar prices. ClickMeter is slightly more expensive than average analytic tracking services. Additionally, not all customers are satisfied with its features. 

Alternatives to ClickMeter include:

RedTrack is ideal for fast-growing bloggers or businesses. Although they don’t offer any plans cheaper than $83 a month, each plan allows you to track unlimited data starting at up to 3,000,000 events. RedTrack gives you more events per dollar than ClickMeter. RedTrack also offers plans specific to teams that allow for up to 10 users and 50,000,000 events. 

However, if you don’t need to track more than 100,000 events, ClickMeter is still a more affordable option for you. 

Another alternative to ClickMeter is Clickmagick. Clickmagick provides the same crucial features for bloggers, agencies, and publishers, including tracking clicks and conversion rates. Clickmagick offers a 14-day free trial and tutorials to help you understand their software. 

Clickmagick’s prices per click are slightly more expensive than both RedTrack and ClickMeter. However, Clickmagick allows you to have multiple branded domains, even with their $37 starter package. 

Voluum is also an alternative to ClickMeter. Voluum offers specialized plans based on whether or not you are an individual or a business looking to track data. For individuals, plans start at just $89 a month with the ability to track 1,000,000 events (clicks, views, and conversions). 

Business rates start at $499 a month, providing users with a week of onboarding training, 12 months of data retention, and up to 3 users. 

Voluum provides users with cookieless data tracking, which allows it to track more data and protect against bots. Voluum is the more expensive option for individuals and businesses but provides unique features that some may prefer. 

Main Takeaway: Should You Get ClickMeter?

ClickMeter offers a wide variety of services and price options that are manageable and ideal for any business. ClickMeter is a great investment, no matter the size of your business endeavors. Hopefully, this review provided you with some insight into what you can expect from ClickMeter. 

It is crucial to do your research regarding click-tracking, conversion rates, and data analytics to find the software that will work best for your business and needs.



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