Drip Review: Is It the Best Email Marketing Software for E-commerce?


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Drip’s email campaign software has fundamentally changed how e-commerce businesses think about email marketing. 

Before committing to an email marketing platform, it’s essential to understand that email marketing is highly effective when done correctly. Still, wrong email marketing pushes consumers away and wastes resources, time, and money.

Email marketing in the past was considered an invasive way to generate leads. This stigma formed because people didn’t want to receive emails for products and services that don’t apply to them, yet they kept getting these emails.

In recent years, email marketing has become one of the most cost-effective methods for generating leads and retaining customer attention.

Drip email service focuses on a method that first involves express permission from users to receive emails and provides products and services from businesses that consumers want.

What Is Drip Email Campaign Software?

First and foremost, Drip is built with the idea of e-commerce first. 

Drip is an email marketing automation tool that uses data-driven results to improve email marketing campaigns. Drip believes that the key to success is sending the right message to the right person at the right time, and they’re right. 

This strong belief shows through the features of their software. The features Drip offers rival that of enterprise software, and they continue to expand the list of things they provide by integrating missing parts through third-party programs.

Through automation workflows, in-app guidance, and integration, Drip has proven to keep up and, in some cases, provide more options to competing software

Do You Need Email Marketing Software?

Before going fully in-depth on Drip, there are some essential things to cover for newer e-commerce business owners looking into email software.

When people think of email marketing, they typically believe it’s as simple as mass spamming emails to as many people as possible and hoping for the best. This assumption is false and an extremely damaging mindset that may lead people to believe it’s effective email marketing. 

Email marketing has become an essential part of digital marketing campaigns. Depending on how you implement your campaign, it can generate leads and give businesses fantastic conversion rates for businesses. 

Effective email marketing takes advantage of numerous tools, data, and strategies to save costs and use resources properly. Email marketing software has become imperative to implementing and maintaining a healthy digital marketing campaign. 

Is Email Marketing Worth the Cost? 

Email marketing strategies are effective. Considering how cost-effective email marketing campaigns are, they essentially pay for themselves if adequately implemented. 

The price of a Drip account will cost you an average of $154 to reach 10,000 targeted prospects. Compare those numbers to social media campaign costs. You can expect to pay several thousand dollars per month for Twitter and Facebook

You could try a campaign on a less expensive platform, like Snapchat or Pinterest, but don’t expect to make it through a month for less than $1000. That’s still a sizable investment for a little face time with potential customers.

Investing over $2000 in a Facebook campaign seems exorbitant, especially since you can’t personalize your campaign. You could end up paying a substantial amount of money to send irrelevant ads across the platform because they miss the target audience.

Conversely, email marketing allows you to segment your message to target specific waves of customers. You can also personalize the emails to give them a warmer touch that speaks to your audience on their level.

Email campaigns are effective and have proven to be effective because of the tools available to ensure their success. 

Segmentation, data, and automation give the user tools and information needed to make critically informed decisions on what demographic they’ll target and how effective their campaign is for them. 

Digital marketing will always be the most data-oriented marketing method, but it’s also the best method for ensuring you get value for your spending. 

What Does Drip Offer?

What does drip offer?

Each Drip feature improves conversion while making work easier. Drip marketing tools offer various options that allow users to customize customer interaction and optimize marketing campaigns to improve conversions. 

Integration, automation, and customizable form builder are just some of the many features Drip provides its users. 

Email and Workflow Automation

Drip Automation worfklows

Automation is typically the main reason businesses consider software like Drip. Drip delivers an extensive and robust automated system in just a few clicks. Drip marketing automation allows users to create email workflows that operate independently.

Through their automation workflow feature, users with little experience creating triggers can do so with point-and-click visuals provided in Drip’s workflow builder. 

Beyond their workflow feature, they use your store’s data to show users products and deals that will interest them.

Insight and Guidance

A significant part of digital marketing is collecting data and actively solving and optimizing issues with that data. 

With Drip’s in-app guidance, you can get insight into the ROI of potential marketing strategies. The information provided by Drip’s in-app guidance goes beyond helpful information. 

This feature provides valuable information for small businesses that will change their thoughts about email marketing. Whether you use the feature or not, it’s refreshing to know that Drip does believe in helping small businesses compete with large corporations. 


One of the most desired features for marketing tools is proper integration to allow users to use other applications and software to improve their experience. Luckily Drip ensures that its users have extensive options for integration. 

Today, social media has become a staple in the lives of many. Social media for digital marketers has become an extensive part of their marketing strategy. 

Through social media integration, Drip users can extend their contact list to generate new leads and continue to gather data about specific users. 

Social media integration may seem trivial to the more recent digital marketers, but Drip’s emphasis on this feature shows its importance.

Not only does Drip ensure users have social media integration options, but it also allows users to integrate with over a hundred other applications. 

Here are a few integrations that Drip allows its users to use. 

  • Shopify

  • Magento

  • WooCommerce

  • BigCommerce 

  • Custom Stores

Featured Integrations

  • Facebook Custom Audiences

  • Sleeknote

  • 1ShoppingCart

  • Shift4Shop

This list isn’t exclusive. Drip users are in a great position if they rely on third-party tools.

Customizable Forms

Drip's form builder

Through customizable forms, Drip users can customize the experience of each of their customers through the use of dynamic pre-built email templates. 

These templates prove helpful to users who have little coding or design experience. Essentially, this is a nice feature that saves you time and allows you to create an engaging experience with current and future customers. 

Drip Reviews

Before committing to a product or service, it’s nice to get an idea of what actual users think about the product. Generally, it seems users are overall satisfied with their experience with Drip. 

The following review is from GetApp, where people can find and post business software reviews. The overall rating of Drip from this website is an impressive 4.4/5 with a positive review score of 91%. 

Of those 165 reviews, only 15 of them are negative. Since there are overwhelmingly positive reviews, it’s safe to say that at least giving Drip a try may prove favorable for your business. 

Even with the massive positive reviews, it’s still important to read and analyze some users’ criticisms of Drip.  

Positive User Reviews

An anonymous user on GetApp wrote, “Drip solved problems we didn’t even know we had. For example, we can automate a lot of our social and email marketing through Drip before a team member takes a leave of absence, so things aren’t going to hurt as bad for the team as a result.”

Another verified anonymous user wrote, “Drip easily automates, tags, and tracks conversions, making it a powerful tool for my business. I can easily see how much money my emails have made me, and now with split testing, I can improve my email conversions.”

Satisfied reviewers seem to be very happy with the automation features Drip provides. The first reviewer emphasizes how important automation became for them when a team member had to take a leave of absence. 

The second review praises the data Drip can give so they can quickly improve their email conversions. Typically, marketers would be concerned about whether their campaigns are effective. With Drip, you can actively adjust your tactics depending on their success or lack thereof. 

Negative User Reviews

User Ray W. On GetApp has this to say about Drip “1. The product is glitchy with lots of bugs and NOT ready for market. 2. The ‘error, please refresh’ message constantly appears 3. After copying and pasting or trying to set up a hyperlink, the site often freezes.”

verified anonymous user wrote, “Other digital marketing channels like WhatsApp business and app push notification are missing. We cannot re-edit workflows/automation once it is live. Reports and analytics are the basics.”

The first reviewer, Ray W, emphasizes the glitches and errors that interrupt him. Concerns about how well the software functions are essential to consider. While some users can overlook brief disruptions, others really can’t.

The disruptions don’t seem to have any damaging effects on the user, but any disruption to workflow usually leads to time loss, and time is money. 

The second negative review raises frustration over being unable to access specific integrations they use and being unable to edit workflows once they’re active. 

Consensus of Reviews

Drip reviews

Generally, business owners are satisfied with what Drip provides but are not happy with the glitches and performance issues they sometimes have. Complaints of a difficult-to-understand interface also arise, but more reviewers have praised the interface for its ease of use. 

Overall, depending on your experience with email marketing software, you’ll have an easier time adjusting to Drip or a more frustrating experience in the beginning. 


  • Automation

  • Interface benefits

  • Integrations

  • Data analysis tools

  • Insights and in-app guidance

  • Segmentation

  • Workflow builder


  • Difficult to understand interface

  • Price is a con for users with a low contact count

  • Lack of customer phone support team

  • Some integrations missing

  • Glitches

  • A lack of a landing page builder

Drip Email Pricing

Drip pricing

Drips pricing is adaptive. Depending on the number of subscribers you have, your prices will vary. For example, if you have a couple of thousand contacts, you can expect a cost between $39 to $154.

When you reach six-figure email contact ranges, you can expect to pay upwards of $1,799.

The significant part about Drip is that it scales with you. Your price adjusts depending on the output your business needs. While having a scaling price may sound intimidating, you shouldn’t be worried. 

Drip offers a helpful slider tool on its website to show you estimates at each tier. This feature gives users a transparent look at what they will pay as their operation grows. 

If you have below 2,500 email contacts, you will expect to pay $39 a month. From that point on, your price will begin to scale. 

  • 2,501-3,000 email contacts will be $49 per month.

  • 3,001-3,500 email contacts will be $59 per month.

  • 3,501-4,000 email contacts will be $69 per month.

  • 4,001-4,500 email contacts will be $79 per month.

  • 4,501-5,000 email contacts will be $89 per month.

  • 5,001-6,000 email contacts will be $99 per month.

The price will continue to scale to the point where Drip themselves will work with you to work out an adjusted price for your business needs.  

Compared to Mailchimp, Drip pricing is impressively competitive. You’ll have to pay around $154 monthly using Drip’s full features. To use all of Mailchimp’s features, you’ll have to pay $299 monthly for their premium service.

Mailchimp has flexibility by allowing you to adjust your plan to a standard edition, priced at $115. Although, you’ll be missing out on the following features:

  • Advanced segmentation 

  • Multivariate testing

  • Comparative Reporting

  • Unlimited seats & role-based access

  • Phone and priority email support

While your business may not need the extra features provided, it’s still important to consider what those features are locked behind. The price that Mailchimp is asking per month for features that Drip can provide for $154 per month is something you can’t overlook.

Drip vs. Mailchimp

Mailchimp hero section

This review wouldn’t be complete without a look at how well Drip email software fairs against its lead competitor, Mailchimp. Here’s a brief history of Mailchimp and what it has to offer. 

Mailchimp is a long-standing company that became popular because of how accessible it was to consumers. Mailchimp found success through its free trials in the early 2000s. 

Since there was no harm in users trying its service, Mailchimp got into the hands of many users earning its now titan position as one of the most well-known email marketing software tools. 


While many may see Mailchimp and Drip in direct competition, it’s a bit more complex. Drip and Mailchimp have different customers whom they’re trying to serve. 

Mailchimp focuses on smaller to mid-sized businesses, casual bloggers, and start-ups. Drip focuses on digital marketers, e-commerce businesses, and automation enthusiasts. 

The features both cater to their particular target audience. While both focus on email marketing, Drip focuses on automating most of the processes for marketers and business owners. 


Mailchimp is more hands-on and lacks the complex and valuable features that Drip can provide for its users. Another important note is that while Mailchimp does offer a free trial for up to 2000 subscribers, Mailchimp’s lack of value shows when compared to Drip. 

While granting users a free trial, Drip’s is still not as lengthy as Mailchimp’s. Even so, Drip software services the user enough to make an informed decision on whether or not they wish to continue the service. Regardless of the free trial, Drip offers features that make it stand out as a more interesting option than Mailchimp. 

Mailchimp chooses to gate most of its helpful and impressive features behind a premium package. Regardless of your contact count, Drip provides its users unlimited access to every feature they have at their disposal. 

There are no locking features behind premium tiers, and with Drip, you will get your entire package from start to finish. 

Best Email Drip Campaign Software

When it comes to Drip campaign software, there is no real competition. Drip offers the best drip campaign software out there. Through Drip automation, the success rate of your email marketing drip campaign will be second to none.

Overall, the two serve the same purpose for different people. When it comes to having more features, Drip wins out, but when it comes to pure accessibility, Mailchimp will likely remain the popular choice for a long time. 


Drip, by far, has proven to be the best email marketing software for e-commerce sites. Drip gives users extensive access to features usually locked behind enterprise software or premium packages of other email marketing software. 

With Drip, users get a complete experience that continuously scales with their business. Users currently using Drip are more than impressed with the extensive data they can utilize and impressive workflow automation. 

If you’re a business looking for the best email marketing software for e-commerce, Drip may be for you.


Here are some of the most common questions regarding Drip.

Is Drip an effective CRM tool? 

Drip is an email marketing-oriented tool but has CRM capabilities. The exciting part about Drip is that CRM features are readily available through integration. The benefits of CRM are there, but they’re not as refined as dedicated CRM software.

Do I need to upgrade my computer to run Drip?

The significant part about Drip is that it’s an entirely cloud-based service. Drip being cloud-based means the only specifications you need is a machine that can open an internet web browser. 

What is a drip email sequence?

A drip email sequence is a marketing tactic, also known as drip email campaigns, that functions similarly to Drip’s workflow feature. Essentially, a drip email sequence focuses on delivering automated emails to consumers over a set period. 

Drip email marketing has proven to be very effective, and the success rate is higher through Drip email automation. 

While the strategy shares a name with the company, it got its name for its focus on dripping small emails to consumers over time instead of making one metaphorical splash in their inboxes.

Drip software may be the best email drip software for this marketing tactic.

Why is automation important?

When processes are automated, it saves users time and money. 

Think about automation this way. Would you want to pay a team of people to send thousands of emails over a day or use software that can do it in seconds?

Having the ability to automate processes is Drip’s main appeal. When running a business, the most important thing you have is time, and automation directly benefits your time. 

The benefits of automation continue to show as time goes on. CRM tools it’s especially effective as generating leads takes away from improving the quality of your service or products. 

What is segmentation?

Segmentation, in marketing terms, is separating and targeting your consumers depending on specific criteria. Marketers use the most common standards by segmenting consumers by the products they purchase from the business. 

For example, marketers will segment and target ads and marketing campaigns toward people who have purchased bikes over those who have purchased gardening equipment. 

The power of segmenting your consumers depending on their purchases is imperative for proper optimization. 

Drip allows its users to utilize customization and segmentation to improve their conversion and marketing efforts. Segmentation directly affects how likely consumers look at an email and consider buying the advertised product. 

What is A/B Testing?

A/B testing is as simple as comparing your A and B strategies. Essentially, you’re comparing two similar products with a slight variation to see which has the better outcome. A/B testing is essential for digital marketers because it helps improve the marketing tactics they employ.

Through A/B testing, marketers make slight variations to their final campaign to get the best possible outcome for their business. Other marketing tools lock this feature behind higher-tier subscription paywalls, which can be insulting to consumers. 

Fortunately, Drip gives all users access to this feature regardless of their tier or standing with the company.  

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