Omnisend Review: Email & SMS Marketing for eCommerce

Omnisend review: Email marketing platform for ecommerce businesses, email marketing, ecommerce, marketing automation, sms marketing

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Before you buy Omnisend, you should understand what it can offer you as a business owner. To help you decide, this review will cover Omnisend, its core features, and how it compares to its competitors. 

Omnisend is an email tool that focuses on supporting e-commerce businesses. The number of features given to users at any given price point is enough to get some people to pull the trigger on an Omnisend plan.

However, while Omnisend excels at automation, segmentation, and dynamic content creation, it’s known to have general performance issues for some users. Its complex feature set and sophisticated automation can cause glitches and disruptions. 

Even so, users find their experience with the software positive overall. E-commerce businesses value Omnisend’s reporting feature and extensive workflow and integration options more than some of its lead competitors.

What Is Omnisend?

What is omnisend?

Omnisend as a company stands to ensure ecommerce marketers don’t just market, but instead do it effectively. They help business owners tailor experiences for each shopper to create unique online shopping experiences to keep consumers coming back.

In this sense, Omnisend can be an effective email marketing tool that accomplishes these tasks through advanced automation and workflow functions. 

Additionally, Omnisend gives users multiple avenues for handling their day-to-day workload with practical ways of generating new leads through automation. 

Omnisend isn’t just about its automation features. Through its reports, business owners can find ways to optimize their campaigns. Users have even more options when they utilize the templates that Omnisend provides. 

The software actively accomplishes everything the business needs to market itself. Omnisend focuses on effective omnichannel marketing.

Is Email Marketing Effective?

Email marketing is very effective and continues to prove how useful it is to businesses and online stores. It helps generate leads, retain customer engagement, drive sales, and build brand loyalty.

While some users may receive emails they don’t have an interest in, Omnisend ensures customers receive promotions and deals based on their interests. 

What Is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation aims to save money, time, and sanity. The main goal of automation is to eliminate simple and mundane tasks so users can free up time to focus on other crucial but less tedious aspects of their business.

Marketing automation works to eliminate the hassle of collecting user information and data, sending out emails, and creating elaborate email marketing or online marketing campaigns. Automation can do most, if not all, of the simple digital marketing steps. 

Omnisend continues to build on its automation software by integrating it with creative workflow functions that create a hands-free experience with specific processes. 

For example, when consumers enter their contact information into your store, they can receive emails automatically without you having to look. This automated process handles this entire workflow on its own without external interference. 

Through these automated tasks, you can collect relevant data, allowing you to make crucial decisions for your business. Software with this feature can be extremely valuable for e-commerce businesses.

Pros and Cons of Omnisend

Omnisend pros and cons

Despite how potent Omnisend can be, it’s not without its flaws. The benefits of Omnisend come from its core automation features, while the actual cons come from the lack of refinement. 


  • Popular CRM integration

  • Automation

  • Template options

  • Easy-to-use 


  • Glitches

  • Price

  • Not too intuitive

  • A lack of landing pages

Omnisend is relatively easy software to use but becomes more complex as workflows and objectives become more demanding. Popular CRM integrations allow Ominsend to cover some of its shortcomings through third-party software.

Omnisend has powerful automation and is highly user-friendly, but it’s not exempt from frequent glitches. Users complain that some emails won’t send, and sometimes customers would find their emails get sent to their junk mail.

While some of these issues may not necessarily be Omnisend’s fault, other users complain about how aggressively the software price begins to scale. While a scalable pricing model is ideal for smaller businesses, it’s not so desirable for medium-sized companies.

Omnisend Features

The features of Omnisend range from standard email marketing tools to optimized features for e-commerce businesses. Marketing automation, advanced reports, dynamic content, and segmentation are critical to the success of an email marketing campaign. 

Marketing Automation

Omnisend automation workflows

Omnisend, like most email marketing software, has a robust and efficient marketing automation system. Using workflow, you can send automated emails to consumers depending on their actions on your website. 

Data is stored effectively, and through that data, Omnisend can formulate reports on how effective each automation function was at generating a profit for you. You’ll then be able to adjust how your software targets customers to tailor a better experience for them. 


Users have an option between basic standard reports and advanced reporting. Both are very informative and crucial to your experience with Omnisend. 

Unfortunately, the advanced reporting feature is only available to premium Omnisend users. Still, you can keep tabs on sales generated across campaigns and automation through the reporting features. 

Using the reports, you can also compare past campaigns to your current ones to adequately adjust your tactics as necessary.

Web Push Notifications

Push notifications have become more valuable to marketing than ever before. Omnisend has studied the effectiveness of push alerts. 

With a push conversion rate average of 30%, it’s safe to say that this added feature will certainly put the work in for your e-commerce site. 

Omnisend SMS

A unique feature that Omnisend takes advantage of is SMS. Competitors like Mailchimp don’t take advantage of SMS functionality which has proven extremely useful for e-commerce businesses. 

Text messages in conjunction with emails have proven to be effective at brand building and increasing conversion rates. Omnisend allows you to store consumers’ phone numbers, send reminders, and other SMS advertising, confirmations, and updates. 

Dynamic Content

Through customization, Omnisend users can create dynamic content. Users have abundant options since Omnisend provides templates to create personalized emails and promotions. 

This dynamic content feature improves relationships with consumers and helps create loyal branding. The library of templates will continue to prove useful as your business scales, and making these professional, personalized templates can be shared across multiple stores. 


Omnisend segmentation

One of the more powerful features of email marketing tools is segmentation. Segmentation focuses on effective email marketing. Segmentation allows users to segregate their audience depending on their preferences and purchases.

With dynamic content and segmentation, Omnisend users can easily create effective email marketing campaigns to ensure that their consumers get the products they want.  

For example, if someone purchases baseball equipment from your store, they’ll receive emails about bats, baseballs, and gloves. Effective segmentation will increase the chance of customers opening that email to check deals related to their interests. 


Having integration features is essential to the life of most subscription-based software. Omnisend tries to create an effective hub that improves every aspect of your email marketing and integrates with the most popular ecommerce platforms.  

Omnisend can surpass what other email marketing software offer in terms of integration by giving users access to advertising, reviews, affiliate, and customer support integrations in addition to the most common forms of integration. 


An added benefit for users switching to Omnisend is its migration capabilities. You’ll find the transition relatively smooth if you switch over from other email marketing software

Setup processes can take much of your time, but thankfully Omnisend has put effort into making this transition as painless as possible. 

Omnisend provides direct support to ensure that your migration is successful. With live support, they can answer every question at any time of the day. This feature eliminates many of the concerns with switching to new software. 

Omnisend Email Marketing

The primary purpose of Omnisend is its email marketing. So how well does it stand up to other software? Omnisend excels at email marketing by focusing on being as effective as possible. Generic email marketing software focuses on quantity while Omnisend focuses on quality. 

Mailchimp is a perfect example of a generic email marketing tool. While it’s certainly an effective option, it’s built on the idea of helping every business create an email marketing campaign. 

Mailchimp focuses on reaching as many people as possible regardless of if those people are interested or not. Omnisend ensures that every email you send has a chance to succeed at getting open. 

Mailchimp is still adaptable and customizable, but Ominsend templates focus on what the general consumers appreciate instead of focusing on individual preferences. 

While it is essential to reach as many people as possible, reaching the right people is more important. Through clever segmentation and automation, Omnisend gives users a competitive edge to implement a personalized marketing strategy appropriately. 

How Much Does Omnisend Cost?

Omnisend pricing plans

Omnisend pricing is flexible, and its cost-efficiency depends on the number of contacts you have and which tier of subscription you choose. Your Omnisend price will vary, but you can choose a free, standard, and professional plan. 

Before committing to a plan, remember to review the Omnisend pricing scheme. You may find that you’ll benefit more from different tiers and get better value by choosing the plan that fits your audience. 

Free Plan

A free Omnisend subscription is valuable for those who are unsure if they want to commit to a more significant email campaign. This tier is also helpful for smaller businesses that don’t serve a large clientele. 

The only crucial feature that free users would miss out on is advanced reporting. This feature is quite handy for advanced users, but you’re not losing too much if you can manage without it. Additionally, web tracking data history only goes back a month with the free plan. So you will also end up having limited tracking data.

The biggest limitation of the free plan is how many emails and SMS messaging campaigns you can send to customers. You’ll only be able to send 500 emails and web push notifications per month. This can be a huge limitation but considering the free service, you’ll have to work with it if you’re just starting with your e-commerce campaign and can’t shell out for the expanded paid functions.

Standard Plan

This tier is probably what small and medium-sized businesses would consider. With this plan starting at $16 a month, the standard plan allows users to send around 6,000 emails and unlimited web push notifications.

Another added benefit of the standard plan is having direct access to customer support and a customer success manager. The customer success manager will help ensure you’re using Omnisend to its full potential.  

Professional Plan

The final tier of Omnisend is its pro plan at $59 per month. At this tier, users have access to advanced reporting and priority support. The advantage of this tier comes from the advanced reporting and SMS credit. 

If you’re planning on utilizing the SMS feature, this tier can be worth the bump in price. Additionally, this is the most expensive option, especially when your business begins to scale. The price will continue to increase pretty dramatically as you get more contacts.

Which Plan Should You Get?

The plan with the most value will most likely be the standard plan. You’ll get the most out of this plan in terms of cost and weight. The majority of e-commerce businesses operate on a small scale. 

If you value SMS functionally, you will have to go with the Pro plan as the standard plan can’t reliably service that need. The free version is acceptable to an extent, but for the best experience, you may want to go with the standard plan. 

Omnisend Alternatives

Omnisend isn’t the only email marketing software available to you.

It’s essential to note that while there are differences in software, it depends on what you value as a business owner. Overall, Omnisend beats out competitors in terms of pricing and features but loses in terms of integration, accessibility, and stability. 


Mailchimp hero section

Mailchimp has developed into a recognized and widely accepted email marketing tool. It is a popular choice for businesses looking to use email marketing campaigns. 

Mailchimp offers reporting and email automation similar to Omnisend but lacks features that improve workflow automation and proper web push notifications. Still, Mailchimp provides a more basic package for businesses of all types, not just e-commerce. 

Mailchimp fails at providing essential features to its standard and free users. It locks away a vast majority of critical analysis features behind its premium plan. 

Omnisend does the same thing, but the basic reporting it gives is more than sufficient for smaller businesses.

Constant Contact

Constant contact hero section

In terms of competitive pricing for the features you get, Constant Contact stands as a candidate for e-commerce businesses. The appeal of this software is its intuitive and easy-to-use features. 

In terms of functionality, Constant Contact provides a more impressive user experience to people who are newer to email marketing software. Constant Contact’s pricing system is adaptive, like Omnisend, but is more expensive for what you get. 

Regardless, Constant Contact fails to provide the same robust workflow options as Omnisend and lacks basic reporting features that Omnisend extends to its free and standard users. 

Customer Support

Omnisend offers its users customer support, but they do play favorites. While it’s understandable why Omnisend will prioritize higher-paying members, this leaves free and standard users fighting for time with customer support representatives. 

Additionally, business owners continue to share their complaints about the lack of practical customer support from Omnisend. While it’s a small minority, it is still worth noting that Omnisend support isn’t as impressive as other email marketing software. 

What Businesses Think of Omnisend

Businesses that use Omnisend do so for its impressive automation features. Looking at what business owners have to say, sites like GetApp that focus on software review give Omnisend a 4.8 out of 5. The reviewers are verified and have gone out of their way to share their experience with the software. 

Omnisend Reviews

Generally, reviews on GetApp are incredibly favorable to Omnisend, with few complaints recorded. The main point people seem to drive in is Omnisend’s excellent automation capabilities.

 The negative reviews for Omnisend seem to revolve around their software being glitchy and, at times, not operating as intended. Many users have reported stability issues, which is a complaint found consistently across other review platforms. Additionally, some feel the software is a bit cumbersome at times.

Positive Reviews

Raphael on GetApp writes, “Almost everything you need in email marketing software and autoresponder is in Omnisend. However, Omnisend dedicates itself to e-commerce, and it’s a great piece of software if you run an online store for its automation capabilities.”

An anonymous GetApp user writes, “The great advantage is that you can easily automate some tasks such as welcome emails, abandoned cart, etc. Moreover, the variety of signup forms was beneficial for growing our subscriber list.”

Negative Reviews

A GetApp anonymous user writes, “It can be confusing and has a bit of [a] difficulty [curve]. It is not what I recommend for someone who is just starting or learning to use software like this.”

Manuel C writes, “Not all my emails go to my customers, and they complain that our email goes to junk before this would not happen.”

Should You Buy Omnisend?

If you have an e-commerce business, Omnisend is one of your best choices. It’s an impressive email marketing software that exclusively focuses on that objective. While it does lack integrations, it more than makes up for it through its robust automation software. 

If you’re looking for alternatives to Mailchimp or another email marketing tool, Omnisend makes the migration process a painless affair. Omnisend gets the seal of approval from the majority of e-commerce business owners and continues to exceed expectations. 


Here are answers to some of the most common questions you might have.

What is workflow?

In the context of email marketing, workflow is a series of triggers that send consumers notifications or emails depending on the actions taken on a business’s website. 

Workflow aims to increase conversion and streamline the marketing process for interested consumers. 

For example, when purchasing a product from a website, they might receive a follow-up confirmation email and other promotional deals related to that purchase. This process happens because of a workflow condition.

Omnisend uses workflow to streamline the follow-up portion of marketing. Usually, business owners want repeat customers, so they continue to follow up on customers to ensure they continue to do business with them. 

Is email marketing worth it?

Email marketing has proven to be worth the extra effort. The DMA explains that for every $1 spent on email marketing, you can expect a return of around $42. It will vary, but that email marketing campaigns are worth the investment even by simply sending the word out about your business. 

Even so, the amount of value you get from your email marketing campaign is only as good as how well you implement the campaign. That’s why Omnisend has so much weight as an email marketing software. 

You increase the chance of your email marketing campaign succeeding through reports, automation, and dynamic content. 

Does Omnisend have mobile options?

Omnisend does provide mobile options. Any device with a web browser can typically access Omnisend. 

Who uses Omnisend?

E-commerce businesses tend to use Omnisend the most. While it’s not limited to just e-commerce businesses, its features focus on ensuring the best experience for that business model.

Which is better, Mailchimp or Omnisend?

Omnisend has robust core features, while Mailchimp can ensure every business finds some use for its software. The difference between Omnisend and Mailchimp depends on what features you value, your goals, and your business. 

Mailchimp has stability and reliability on its side. Since Omnisend uses complex systems to improve its automation, there are bound to be glitches and disruptions, while Mailchimp doesn’t have as many. 

Additionally, Mailchimp has way more integration features than Omnisend. Overall, Omnisend is the better tool for e-commerce features, but Mailchimp is a better deal for those who only value core email marketing features.

The Takeaway

E-commerce businesses can take heavy advantage of all of Omnisend’s features. Automation, segmentation, real-time reporting, and analytics make a strong case for Omnisend being the better option for e-commerce businesses.

While other effective competitors do exist, free plans make Omnisend cheap for e-commerce businesses looking to get their feet in the door when starting their marketing campaigns.


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