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Best Ad Tracking Software
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Businesses utilize ads to reach & acquire new customers. However, keeping track of those ads can quickly become challenging, especially if you don’t have a reliable and accurate way to account for results and a way to remain organized.

With that in mind, you could use the best ad-tracking software to help you with your marketing needs. Doing so will help you see how ads perform and identify effective ways to reach your target audience.

Try to go through the best software available, see the features offered, and take your pick from the group.

What Is the Best Ad Tracking Software?

If you don’t know where to start regarding ad tracking software, you should check out Hyros. Not only does it help you with advertising link tracking & management, but it offers AI optimization to assist with your marketing campaigns. If you don’t want to choose Hyros, explore Voluum or ClickMagick

While they work as three solid options to help you optimize ad spending & improve ROI, you might want to consider SegMetrics, Madgicx, RedTrack, and AnyTrack, making them the seven best options available.

For example, you may discover that Voluum works for your marketing needs, but other marketers may like RedTrack. Each has varying features that make them solid choices for covering different needs, so compare them and see what would work best for your setup. 


Hyros hero section


If you want a reliable option focused on AI print tracking, try Hyros. The software helps those who wish to utilize Google ads & Facebook ads while reaching out to other ad platforms. 

They also help you by tracking emails and phone calls to provide more data. It also helps with ad attribution, which lets you know how your ads perform and what brings the most money.


  • The software focuses on boosting your return on investment (ROI) to maximize your ad efforts.

  • They work with info businesses, call funnels, e-commerce, and agencies, meaning they’ll work for the most prominent companies.

  • Hyros is utilized by multiple large corporations, emphasizing how it works.

  • You can look into the long-term value of your ads, showing the potential growth over numerous weeks, months, or years.

  • You can incorporate email marketing into your ads.

  • You even have a chance to have your revenue tracked, offering flexibility.


Hyros pricing plans

You have three major plans with Hyros: Organic, Paid Traffic, and Agency. Organic has 20,000 revenue tracking for $49 a month, 50,000 for $99, and 100,000 for $149.

The Paid Traffic and Agency options vary, though they start at $199 a month. What you get requires you to set up a booking with them, discuss the options, and choose a plan based on your needs.

Bottom Line

Whether you want to track Facebook ads performance metrics or other points, you have various options through Hyros. Since they tailor your plan based on your business needs, it works great for marketers who want to cover specific ad information with the software.

You can book a demo to see what the service offers. If you want a good option you can easily try and test it out, give it a go with Hyros since you don’t have to commit and can receive some coverage through the organic option.

Click this link to check out Hyros.


Voluum hero


Voluum (review) makes your ad process easier by utilizing affiliate tracking software to get people to join the program. The program offers you ways to message people and see how your business performs through its links.

You also get access to a dashboard, allowing you to quickly go through the details and see how your ads perform. You’ll also get to track organic traffic to help your business perform well.


  • You can receive compensation through their referral program, so you receive money when people join the monthly or annual plan.

  • You can use their lead generation program to help your business secure more sales.

  • Try the ready-to-use messages to help you create emails and social media posts to share.

  • The tools take an all-in-one approach, allowing you to see the ad details you need.

  • You can also send these links to reach people through Facebook, Twitter, and other areas.

  • You can run ad campaigns through Voluum to help you spread your brand.


Voluum Pricing

You get six pricing options to choose from individual and business plans. For the individual plans, Discover costs $89 per month, Profit is $149, and Scale -is $299. The business plan has Start-up at $499 a month, Agency for $999, and Enterprise for $1,999.

Each option gives you multiple ad campaigns, data retention, and even custom domains and security options, so you’ll cover your various needs through Voluum.

Bottom Line

Since Voluum has a large range of options, it can work for marketers covering small businesses and large ones. You can also use it for individuals since it covers all the necessary tools for your marketing campaign and thanks to the tracking links.

If you find Voluum interesting, you can get a demo to get more information and see what it offers. Since it tracks your ROI, profits, and conversions, you’ll see how easily you track your ad performances.

Click this link to check out Voluum.




If your business plans to work on ad spend while using an ad-tracking solution, you should look into Madgicx. The tool looks at your key performance indicators (KPIs) and makes suggestions based on your budget, so you balance your spending with your goals.

The system considers your funnel stages along with the channels you use to determine the best course of action, so as you analyze your metrics, you’ll find the best approaches.


  • Madgicx offers an easy-to-navigate dashboard to help you go through your metrics.

  • The dashboard includes multiple sections, such as essentials and targeting, to keep it organized.

  • You can let the experts set up the program for you, so you don’t waste time trying to get it running.

  • The software utilizes automation to help you streamline your processes while tracking your ads.

  • You’ll lower the time needed to manage your ads, saving you time and money.

  • Analyze your current ads to see how you can improve them and increase your conversion rates.


Madgicx pricing plans

There are three types of pricing options for Madgicx, giving you multiple options. You have the one-click report for $29 a month, Madgicx cloud tracking for $99, and the all-in-one AI suite, which varies based on your monthly ad spend.

The all-in-one option helps you with automation, targeting, analytics, and ad management, making it ideal for large businesses.

Bottom Line

Madgicx has higher prices than other options, so it gears itself to medium and large businesses. However, the various tools and overall solid design make it great for any marketer who wants to work on their ads and make them as optimal as possible.

Madgicx offers a seven-day free trial to test Madgicx and find out how it’ll help you. Even affiliate marketers can work with the program, allowing you to improve your advertising and share it with others while increasing profits.




If you want help with your funnel while looking into your revenue, you can try SegMetrics. The software focuses on your funnel, so it’ll look into various aspects, let you know how much you spend, and allow you to determine the total value from the process.

Since it offers pixel tracking, you can find out what appeals to your customers while they interact with your ads, so you receive more information.


  • Learn how each part of your funnel contributes to your gains.

  • Find out how much your customers will offer if they become lifetime customers.

  • You can see which sources offer the most possible money, so you’ll focus your ad efforts on them.

  • You can look at how much customers spend over multiple months or years.

  • You can track ad clicks and email interactions to see what works.

  • SegMetrics can connect to your bank account, ensuring everything matches and lines up with what you earned.


Segmetrics pricing

When you review SegMetric pricing plans, you’ll find three types available. You have the Starter at $175 a month, Business at $495, and Enterprise, which costs over $15,000 a year. However, the prices for the Starter and Business options increase if you have more ESP.

They do offer multiple features, such as the starter tracks landing pages while the business and enterprise options track the entire customer journey.

Bottom Line

While an entrepreneur or small business may find SegMetric too expensive, it’ll work great for medium or large companies. The various tools and in-depth information on the customer journey make it ideal for any company focused on marketing optimization.

SegMetrics offers a 14-day free trial, allowing you to give it a shot and determine if you want to stick with it. If you plan to focus strictly on your customers and understand how each aspect plays a role in the marketing process, you should try this software.


ClickMagick Hero Section


If you need effective ad management tools, you should look through ClickMagick. ClickMagick (full review) emphasizes collecting essential stats, such as traffic distribution, to keep your business informed.

The software works with multiple platforms, including Google, YouTube, Facebook, and more, covering your various needs. In short, ClickMagick focuses on three main points: tracking, optimizing, and scaling, so you’ll help your business grow and gain more opportunities.


  • You can optimize your website based on the information you get through ClickMagick.

  • The software focuses on tracking and providing accurate data, which includes your KPIs.

  • The software supports iOS, so you can use it with Android.

  • It offers cross-device tracking to give you accurate data.

  • The software sifts through bots, users who click too much, and competitors to avoid strange data that doesn’t match your demographic.

  • The program affiliates with over 100 networks, so you’ll receive data and coverage for everything you need.


Clickmagick pricing

ClickMagick includes three pricing plans for you to use: the Starter plan for $49 a month, Standard for $99, and Pro for $199. Every option covers varying clicks per month with the Pro plan offering unlimited clicks.

You also have team members to add, funnel-tracking projects, and even online support. The Starter plan works for small businesses, Standard for medium, and Pro for large.

Bottom Line

If you need an ad tracking & attribution tool focused on your customers’ clicks & conversions, you can’t go wrong with ClickMagick. You have plenty of options to choose from, though the software works best for marketers who work for small, medium, or large businesses looking into split testing.

You can go with the 14-day free trial if you want to see what ClickMagick offers. While it doesn’t include some features like other options, this one focuses on doing a few things exceptionally well, making it great if you focus on tracking, optimizing, and scaling your ad campaigns.

Click this link to check out ClickMagick.




RedTrack focuses on an all-in-one approach by tracking the details, attributing them to where they came from, and ways to automate the system. For example, you can go through attribution to find out where you get most of your sales and ROI.

RedTrack seeks to work with affiliates, ecommerce, lead generation, and agencies. The options mean the plan could work for different people focused on various aspects of marketing.


  • You can reach out to media buyers through your ads and see what works best for your strategies.

  • You can see which ads help you with lead generation, so you’ll gain more potential customers.

  • The software integrates with various social media platforms, including TikTok, Facebook, and Shopify.

  • The software breaks down your data to present it in an easy-to-understand way, allowing you to see how your ads perform.

  • You can receive email alerts and notifications to let you know about optimization opportunities to maximize your profits.


Redtrack pricing plans

As for the RedTrack pricing plans, you have affiliate and advertiser options. The affiliate option has a Solo plan for $124 a month, a Team for $208, and an Enterprise for $624. 

For the advertiser option, you have the Grow plan at $124 a month, the Scale for $249, and the Prevail for $624. You can also go with custom plans if you want to receive a quote and review more options to expand your ad tracking as much as possible.

Bottom Line

While the pricing plans could work for some entrepreneurs, businesses and enterprises will find the most value from the options. Since it focuses on connecting multiple stores and tracking information, numerous people in a company can use RedTrack.

RedTrack includes a free trial to check the software and see if it fits your business. However, it has multiple options regarding integration and helping people stay up-to-date on their marketing efforts while optimizing everything.


Anytrack.io hero section


AnyTrack is a software focused on tracking your ads while helping with attribution. The software allows you to collect your conversion data from various platforms, so you’ll keep them in one place and find out what works with your advertising efforts.

The software prides itself in working with any marketing strategy, ensuring you can collect and utilize data to help your business grow and boost its ROI.


  • The software only takes a few minutes to set up, allowing you to use it immediately.

  • AnyTrack utilizes information from Facebook and Google to help you get accurate data.

  • You can track your lead generation throughout your funnel, seeing how it performs and what parts contribute the most.

  • You can even track offline conversions alongside your online ones.

  • The software has built-in automation to help you with your products while also allowing you to connect events.

  • You can create custom audiences based on events and conversions.


Anytrack pricing plans

AnyTrack keeps it simple by offering you three pricing plans based on your needs. You can go with the Basic for $50 a month, the Personal for $150, and the Advanced for $300. They vary in what they support, offering multiple choices based on your needs.

For example, Basic lets you use one website while Advanced supports 10. This allows you to track ads across multiple channels, so you’ll save money while covering your sites.

Bottom Line

Since you have multiple pricing plans, AnyTrack offers flexibility to make it a solid choice for most marketers. Since it covers multiple websites, offers ad pixels, and integration with Facebook and Google, you’ll meet your marketing needs.

AnyTrack lets you start for free without a credit card, so you won’t receive an unexpected charge after your 14-day trial.

What Is Ad Tracking Software?

Ad tracking software refers to tools designed to help you with digital advertising. They usually include multiple features, such as tracking links, a tracking pixel, and conversion tracking, to let you know the metrics while helping you with your ads.

In short, it helps you learn about your ads and their performance. The overall design makes it an effective ad management tool, so you’ll maximize your results and ROI.


Finding ideal ad-tracking software may seem challenging, so compare their features. Since the seven best ad tracking software vary and work for different marketers, see what works for your needs.

As you review them, you can implement the tracking tool into your ad campaign and reach more customers to boost your sales.

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