Best DIY SEO Software to Skyrocket Your Rankings in 2023

Best DIY SEO Software

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Search engine optimization (SEO) remains crucial to spreading your brand and getting people to learn about your business. While you could hire someone to help you with your SEO, you may want to avoid doing so or like the idea of learning about it.

With that in mind, consider reviewing the best DIY SEO software available. Doing so will allow you to choose your preferred option, see what they offer, and get started with optimizing your website & its content for search engines.

What Is the Best DIY SEO Software?

As you review the options and decide which you want to try, you should look into Semrush as one of the best DIY SEO software available. The software offers a DIY SEO tool and can utilize content marketing, market research, and additional tools to succeed.

The tool works great for most businesses thanks to its flexibility, pricing options, and the features included. If you don’t want to go with Semrush, you also have Seranking and Mangools as solid choices among the various SEO tools available.

While they work great as SEO software, consider the other excellent options available. For example, Semrush might work perfectly for you, while Surfer SEO, Long Tail Pro, Frase, or Low Fruits might be the better options for another person.

As such, you must look through the DIY SEO software available, see what you prefer, and choose based on the features available and your intended budget for SEO.




Semrush seeks to help you by offering DIY SEO tools you can utilize to adjust your business and improve your article rankings in search engine results. It remains one of the best DIY SEO software available when you consider how it’ll run SEO audits while tracking your SERP positions to see how you progress.

Doing so allows you to work on your keyword research, so you’ll know which words and links to add to your site, so you’ll have some guidance.


  • You can access other tools, such as advertising or social media, to reach more people.

  • You’ll receive local and worldwide keywords to help you identify what you want to focus on with your SEO keyword research.

  • Semrush offers access to trillions of backlinks, millions of domain profiles, and plenty of information to help you.

  • You can automatically set up and schedule content posting for your social media pages to help with SEO.

  • Receive feedback and recommendations to improve your SERP.

  • You can get data regularly to help you see what works with your business.


Semrush pricing plans

Semrush offers three pricing plans to meet your needs: pro for $119.95 a month, guru for $229.95 a month, and business for $449.95 a month. You can also choose a custom plan if you need more than the business plan offers.

Each varies in the number of projects, the keywords tracked, and results per report, with the business option having the most.

Wrap Up

Semrush works best for medium and large businesses that want all-in-one software. Considering the higher prices, smaller businesses and entrepreneurs may not get everything out of the software to make it worth it.

Semrush offers a seven-day free trial to use their various tools with the option to cancel whenever you want. Since Semrush has practically everything you want in DIY SEO software, you can use its tools to grow your business and succeed.

SE Ranking



As you build your SEO strategy, you should consider SE Ranking a solid option. The software gives you plenty of SEO tools to help you develop it, work on your website, and increase the rankings.

You’ll also get information about your competitors, allowing you to make informed decisions and find the best actions. In short, you can check your SEO and focus on marketing to improve your brand awareness.


  • You get access to a real-time rank-tracking tool to see where you fall and how your SEO efforts impact your position. You can review rankings on various levels, including worldwide and local.

  • The program includes an SEO audit to inform you about what you should change.

  • You can check your backlinks to ensure they work correctly.

  • SE Ranking helps you with keyword research by making suggestions and helping you with optimization.

  • The program will also check your web pages for specific keywords to ensure it aligns with your SEO plans.


SE ranking pricing plans

As you review SE Ranking plans, you’ll find three options available: essential for $39.20 a month, $87.20 a month for pro, and $191.20 a month for the business plan. The first plan lets you work with ten projects, while the other two give you unlimited ones.

You also gain more user seats, keyword ideas, and other points based on the plan with an option to seek a custom plan.

Wrap Up

Since SE Ranking offers a fair range of pricing plans, it works great for most businesses. A small, medium or large business can easily afford the plan and maximize its return on investment (ROI) through it.

SE Ranking offers a two-week free trial, allowing you to try it and see if you want to use it. It focuses on SEO overall, making it great as the go-to option for businesses only worried about SEO.




Mangools focuses on offering multiple SEO tools to help you DIY and tackle everything you need. The tool heavily emphasizes a keyword research tool that helps people identify the best words for them to improve their SEO.

The tools function like a Google Search Console, letting you consider the words available and choose the best action for your business. You have other tools to use, such as SERP checkers and link analyzers, to help you.


  • You have easy-to-read graphs and analytics on keywords to help you make adjustments to your website.

  • The tools offer daily updates to keep you informed about your situation and how to improve it.

  • You also have access to backlinks to see what works best for your business.

  • Mangools lets you look at competitor rankings so you know where you play among your biggest competition.

  • The creators focus on making the tools as easy to use as possible to let you get started right away.

  • The support team has people who work on SEO rather than standard customer service representatives.


Mangools pricing plans

Mangools’s pricing plans consist of three options: the basic for $29.90 per month, the premium for $44.90 a month, and $89.90 a month for the agency. Each option limits the number of keyword searches you can perform in 24 hours, maxing at 1,200.

You can also get more seats, site lookups, and monthly backlink rows, allowing you to choose the best option for your business.

Wrap Up

Since you have varying prices for Mangools, a business of any size can use it effectively. An entrepreneur or sole proprietor can also use the basic plan to get more people to learn about their business or name.

You can try Mangool with a ten-day free trial, and it doesn’t require a credit card. Overall, the tools and ease of use make Mangools a great fit for any business getting involved with SEO. 

Surfer SEO



As you look through the paid SEO tools, you’ll notice how Surfer SEO helps you with content. Not only will it make suggestions and help you with keywords, but it’ll make suggestions to get you to craft SEO-focused content.

Surfer SEO checks your content for plagiarism while showing you a simple scale so you get a feel for where your content ranks among SEO.


  • The tools give you a list of terms to add, so you’ll improve your SEO.

  • The app recommends how many times you should mention a term, so you’ll avoid keyword stuffing.

  • It has a plagiarism checker to ensure you didn’t add anything on accident that could get flagged as plagiarism.

  • You can receive recommended headlines to help you create and structure your content.

  • Surfer SEO integrates into various programs, such as Jasper, Google Docs, WordPress, and other places.

  • You can attend the Surfer Academy to receive further advice and become an SEO master.


Surfer SEO pricing plans

Surfer SEO offers four pricing plans: $49 per month for basic, $99 for pro, $199 for business, and a custom price for the enterprise. The basic plan lets you use it for 120 articles a year while the business goes up to 840, making basic good if you plan to write about two articles a week.

You can also audit pages, receive keyword research, and get a SERP analysis to keep you informed.

Wrap Up

Surfer SEO works best for businesses or people looking to make written content, such as product pages, articles, or blog posts. The flexibility works great for small business owners, blog writers, and many others who want to minimize keyword difficulty.

You can try the free outline generator to see what Surfer SEO offers and get started with your content creation. Even if your business doesn’t focus on content, it can get started and take advantage of Surfer SEO.




If you like the idea of Google Keyword Planner and plan to identify keywords, you should consider LongTailPro. The program helps you identify keywords you can use throughout your website to improve the SEO and secure more traffic.

In short, if you want to focus on keywords, LongTailPro is one of the market’s best options. You can use it for audits, comparisons, and even tracking your keywords.


  • LongTailPro has five built-in tools to help you: keyword competition, SERP analysis, rank tracker, backlink analysis, and a site audit.

  • LongTailPro will point you toward the less-used keywords, so you’ll naturally rise to the top.

  • You can look at your current keywords and measure how they contribute to your rank value to see if you should keep using them.

  • You can audit your website to identify broken links and other issues.

  • The option to receive support and training from SEO experts to help you master keywords.


Longtail pro pricing plans

LongTailPro offers three plans to get you started: starter for $147 a year, pro for $268 a year, and agency for $588 a year. Even with the starter plan, you can search up to 800 keywords in 24 hours, providing you with plenty of information.

You also have varying uses for the five available tools through LongTailPro and additional training and support options with the plans.

Wrap Up

LongTailPro works best for businesses who want to work on keywords for the content they have already made. They can start using the program for new content as well, so it’ll optimize everything and help them move up in their search engine rankings.

You can get free training and a trial to receive a five-step plan, three less-used keywords, and knowing how they post to get sites to 50,000 page visitors. Since LongTailPro understands search engine algorithms, it knows what to recommend, so you’ll move up in the rankings.




If you want another solid option focused on keywords and the potential search volume available, Frase focuses on transitioning to the final draft. Doing so will have your content ready for publishing, whether you make product pages or blogs.

The tool offers features to help you simplify the SEO process, such as through optimization and analytics, to provide you with guidance. Frase also includes AI tools and templates to help you further.


  • You can create a content brief in a few minutes through the software.

  • You can analyze information and learn what content you should create in your industry.

  • Frase lets you know where your content falls when it comes to keyword optimization, so you can keep working on it until you get it where you want it.

  • The tools form AI templates to let you get started and edit them based on the situation.

  • The software utilizes the Google Search Console to help you optimize your content specifically for Google rankings. 


Frase pricing plans

As you review Frase, you’ll notice it has three pricing plans based on your needs. You’ll get the solo plan for 14.99 a month, the basic plan for 44.99, and the team plan for 114.99.

The options make it great for differing needs. For example, the solo plan works for people writing an article weekly, the basic plan for groups focused on SEO, and the team for groups needing more options.

Wrap Up

Since Frase has plenty of low-cost options, it works great for bloggers, small businesses, or anyone looking to increase their rankings. Frase also focuses on written content, so go with it if you want to work on your SEO.

You can try Frase for one dollar, allowing you to see what the tools offer. Doing so will help you see how it helps businesses of various sizes and even start-up bloggers.




While analyzing SERPs matters, you don’t always want to find keywords, so having LowFruits could help you. As you go through SEO tasks, you’ll notice LowFruits goes through SERPs in bulk to maximize your efforts.

LowFruits focuses on helping you find the most straightforward keywords, so you’ll maximize your efforts and help your ranking. While the tool doesn’t cover other aspects of SEO, it does a great job of getting you the best keywords.


  • The tool helps you with keywords and identifies weaknesses by mentioning where you don’t use them enough.

  • You can import keywords into the system to have them analyzed while adding new ones.

  • The tool also handles word counts, detecting websites, and learning about competitors.

  • You can receive unlimited keywords through any paid account.

  • You can filter through keywords to find the easiest ones you should incorporate into your SEO strategy.

  • You can purchase credits or go with a subscription-based on what you prefer, allowing you to make budgeting easier.


Lowfruits pricing plans

As you review LowFruits, you’ll notice credit purchases and subscriptions. You can get 2,000 credits for $25, 5,000 for $60, 10,000 for $100, and 50,000 for $250. You can also use the standard subscription for $249 a year or the premium for $749 a year.

The subscriptions help you find top-performing websites with multiple features to help you.

Wrap Up

LowFruits work best for anyone who identifies the best keywords available. Since you have low-cost options and subscriptions, entrepreneurs can cover their needs while allowing businesses to get more keywords.

LowFruits offers a free account option, allowing you to get ten credits and see what the software provides. If you struggle with identifying keywords and need help maximizing your SEO efforts, try LowFruits.

What Is DIY SEO Software?

DIY SEO software refers to SEO tools that allow you to check your SEO ranking, make adjustments, and learn how to receive organic traffic. The tools let you understand SEO while helping you make changes to your website to improve it instead of hiring someone to do it.


As you look through the best DIY SEO software, you’ll want to see what they offer regarding a website’s search engine ranking. If you don’t know which to try, start with Semrush to see if it meets your needs.

Review these points and consider SEO experts to determine the best software to help your business.


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