Best Video Testimonial Software: 7 Tools for Marketers (2023)

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Running your business means leaving impressions and exemplifying the great products your business offers. So many people react well to videos, so why not use the best video testimonial software to share stories and secure more customers?

As you collect video testimonials, you’ll wonder which software works best for showing what your business offers. Instead of going into it without direction, research the video testimonial software available to determine what works for your situation.

As you review the seven best options, compare their differences since doing so will show you what they offer while identifying their crucial features to make them stand out.

What Is the Best Video Testimonial Software?

If you want the best video testimonial software, try Video Ask. The software focuses on making it easy to use while presenting the information in an easy-to-digest way to make it more appealing to the customers. Video Ask also has flexibility and various video options.

However, Boast and Bonjoro also offer great tools, making them solid options based on your preference.

For example, Boast makes sharing videos in emails easy, while Bonjoro allows companies to send personal videos to leads and customers.

While these three stand out as the best options, you have other great choices, such as Testimonial, Use Trust, Video Peel, and Tolstoy. You must determine which software would help you since Video Ask might work well for one company, but Use Trust works for another.

As a part of your research on collecting video testimonials at scale, look over the general details, the highlights, the pricing, and further information to see what helps.

Video Ask

VideoAsk Testimonial Video platform


As you go through the best video testimonial software, you’ll naturally come across Video Ask. The tool allows you to interact with your audience and capture video testimonials. It also focuses on various video options to meet your needs beyond testimonial videos.

Video Ask works well since you can create various videos and prepare them for your customers. The tool focuses on flexibility while making it straightforward, so you’ll cover your video needs and share information.


  • You can use links, multiple responses, and testimonial request forms to get in contact with people.

  • Have all your interactions with customers and others recorded, transcribed, and organized for future reference.

  • You can use the video tools for testimonials, improving engagement, working on lead generation, and similar tasks.

  • You get access to a widget, allowing you to embed your videos on your website without coding knowledge or unnecessary steps.

  • The tool allows you to talk with your customers, send messages, and even communicate with business partners to tackle your needs.


VideoAsk Pricing Plans

Video Ask offers three pricing plans based on yearly payments. The start plan costs no money, the growth plan costs 24 dollars per month, and the brand plan costs 40 dollars per month. 

They give you 20 minutes, 100 minutes, and 200 minutes of video or audio processing per month, respectively. Ultimately, you’ll want to go with the brand plan for the most value or if you need plenty of videos.

Bottom Line

Video Ask remains of the most versatile options on the market since it provides multiple features designed to help you spread your brand. You should go with it if your business relies on video recording to cover various aspects of its needs.

You can try the tool for free with the start plan since it costs no money. The start plan works excellently for professional interactions, the grow plan for a small or medium business, and the brand plan for larger companies.


boast.io hero section


If you want a program focused on video testimonials and making it easy to use, you’ll want to try Boast. Boast focuses on an all-in-one platform, so you won’t have to worry about editing or adjusting your customer testimonials.

On top of creating videos, you can submit testimonial request forms to get more of your customers to record their opinions. That way, you can build out a full-scale video testimonial campaign.


  • You just have to share a link to invite your customers to create video testimonials.

  • Send automated emails and texts to remind customers and collect video reviews.

  • Customers can use phones, computers, and other devices to record their video responses.

  • Simple templates and processes to quickly set up the forms and collect potential reviews.

  • You can approve videos and publish them to your website to exemplify customers who love your content or products.

  • The ability to download and use videos in your marketing efforts on other sites and areas.


Boast pricing plans

If you go with a yearly pricing plan, you’ll save two months’ worth of money. The basic plan costs 50 dollars per month, the team plan costs 100, and the premium costs 208. Each category works for small, medium, and large businesses, respectively. 

The higher ones offer more responses, longer video lengths, and higher video performance to meet your needs.

Bottom Line

If you plan to only use the software for video reviews, you’ll want to go with Boast. Although you won’t use it for other videos, it lets you keep the various details in a single place, so you’ll save money while getting more testimonials.

Boast offers a 14-day free trial that doesn’t require you to input credit card information. The program works best for any business looking to simplify the testimonial process while collecting as many options as possible.


bonjoro hero section


If you like sending personalized videos to your leads, you should try Bonjoro. The platform makes it easy for you to create videos and send them to people. You can use the program to boost sales, collect authentic video testimonials, and respond to customer feedback.

Not only can you receive feedback, but you can easily share testimonials without any coding knowledge, making it great for any experience level.


  • You can incorporate your videos into your emails, allowing you to stand out.

  • You can create personalized videos while incorporating your favorite tools to simplify the process.

  • The tool lets you add links to your calendars, website, and other areas to drive traffic.

  • Bonjoro allows you to publish testimonials to your website as quickly as possible, even incorporating them into your social media pages.

  • You can use the program to help you with sales, marketing, and customer support, offering plenty of versatility.


Bonjoro pricing plan

Bonjoro’s pricing plans fall into solo and team categories. You have the personal free version to try, but you have 19 dollars per month for the starter, 33 for the pro, and 69 for the growth plan.

The team plan has a free version with three users, the starter is 19 a month with three users, the pro has 59 a month with five users, and the growth gets 149 a month with 10 users. It’s worth mentioning that the Growth plan enables you to collect unlimited video testimonials.

Bottom Line

Bonjoro offers flexibility for solo users and small teams, making the program ideal for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small businesses. If you don’t plan to have dozens of people utilizing the software, Bonjoro might work better than one of the larger programs.

You can try your first 50 videos for free without needing a credit card. You can also try different plans for 14 days. The program works best for those who want to focus on marketing to get more customers while also collecting videos to use for your testimonials.


Testimonial hero section


If you plan to make the process straightforward, you could try Testimonial. The entire program emphasizes its use for businesses who plan to request video testimonials from customers. You also get to use it without coding or developer tools.

The program includes written online reviews along with video options to cover all your testimonial needs. With plenty of information and tools available, you’ll get everything you need.


  • You get a dedicated landing page to display your testimonials while sharing it through a link.

  • You get a dashboard to look through and manage your various testimonials.

  • Testimonial lets you track your metrics to see how your testimonials perform, so you know which ones work the best.

  • You can incorporate testimonials from social media, review sites, and other areas to display everything you need.

  • Since you can directly embed your videos, you won’t have to worry about ads on the videos by using a hosting website to display them.


Testimonial has multiple pricing plans to cover your needs, costing less if you go with the yearly price. You have the starter for free, the premium plan for 50 dollars per month, the ultimate for 150, and the agency for 300.

The more you pay, the more spaces, add-ons, and users you gain. You also have the enterprise plan to receive a custom payment based on what your company needs.

Bottom Line

Testimonial does its job exceptionally well, making it ideal for people who only want the software for testimonials. It works for people who use it for free up to large corporations, so the payment plans work for anyone.

You can try the seven-day free trial to see if Testimonial works for your situation, though you also have the free plan. The tool offers a wide-reaching net, making it a solid choice for most conditions.


UseTrust hero section


Trust also emphasizes the importance of customer video and text reviews. The tool goes over the extent of receiving consistent feedback from the reviews and testimonials, so you know what to adjust with your business.

As the name suggests, Trust emphasizes building trust with your customers, so you’ll establish strong relationships with your customers. You’ll do so as you show a genuine video submission.


  • On top of the video testimonies, you can add pictures of the person with links to their social media pages and websites.

  • Focuses on reassuring the customers the reviews come from real people rather than bots or fake reviews.

  • You can incorporate CMS platforms and other tools to maximize their effectiveness.

  • You can contact Trust’s tech support and let them install Trust for you, so you won’t have to worry about the technical side.

  • Trust lets you focus on your customers and build strong business relationships to succeed.


UseTrust.io pricing plan

You can go off the yearly pricing to save money on the three Trust pricing plans. The starter plan costs 16 dollars per month, off the ground charges 41 per month, and the business plan costs 83 per month.

The more you pay, the more testimonials you can publish and share. You can also incorporate more brands into the off-the-ground and business plans.

Bottom Line

Considering the general pricing and the purpose of the software, businesses will want to use it. While a freelancer or sole proprietor could use it, they won’t get as much value out of the reviews compared to small, medium, and large businesses.

You can try the 14-day trial without a credit card to test the waters and see if you enjoy Trust. You can use its design to improve your customer relationships while focusing on customer support.


VideoPeel hero section


VideoPeel wants to bring automation into the situation by incorporating useful tools with user-generated content. The business says it’ll help you get six times the customer engagement, an eight percent increase in conversion growth, and 10 times the ROI.

VideoPeel covers a wide range of industries, allowing you to utilize it in whatever way you may need for your video testimonial needs.


  • You can customize your video campaigns and adjust requests based on your customers and what you want from them.

  • The ability to respond to questions with custom videos, building personalization and relationships with your customers.

  • You can share any of your customer reviews, allowing you to post them on your websites and social media pages.

  • VideoPeel lets you automate different aspects, such as permission handling, to speed up the process.

  • VideoPeel can change the approach based on your industry, increasing your odds of success.


VideoPeel.com pricing plan

You can choose from the two pricing plans with VideoPeel while having an enterprise option. If you go with the yearly amount, you’ll pay equal to 49 a month for pro, 249 a month for premium, and a custom amount for the enterprise plan.

You’ll get unlimited videos and campaigns with any of the VideoPeel plans. However, the pro plan has more automation, while the enterprise plan includes multi-user collaboration.

Bottom Line

VideoPeel focuses on medium and large businesses and industries focused on people. If your business requires you to work with customers and focus on your interactions with them, you’ll want to try VideoPeel.

You can go with the 14-day trial that doesn’t require a credit card to see what VideoPeel offers. It works best as a testimonial tool to help you build your brand.


GoTolstoy hero section


Tolstoy takes a personal approach that feels more like social media. You can send videos directly to people, add feeds and stories, and even create video quizzes for others. Tolstoy emphasizes the importance of the video production process and how videos impact businesses.

Tolstoy focuses on eCommerce, outreach, and marketing, making it a solid choice for those businesses interested in growing through video marketing.


  • Lets you create videos where people can choose different paths, giving them a more personalized experience.

  • You can add a video carousel, allowing customers to look at different videos and check the testimonials.

  • Tolstoy includes landing pages to get more people to see your website and business.

  • You can incorporate SMS and email campaigns to help you reach more customers.

  • Tolstoy doesn’t affect your site speed, allowing you to use it without impacting your traffic.

  • The tool supports over 100 integrations to meet your needs.


GoTolstoy.com pricing plan

Tolstoy’s pricing plans include four plans, offering some great versatility. You have the free forever plan, the pro plan for 19 dollars a month, the business plan for 299 a month, and an enterprise plan with custom pricing based on what you want.

The free plan works best for freelancers, small businesses want to use the pro plan, medium and large businesses can go with the business plan, and the most prominent companies want enterprise.

Bottom Line

Since Tolstoy doesn’t strictly focus on video testimonials, the program works for businesses that want more video flexibility. You do have lower-cost plans for entrepreneurs and small businesses, though you can go with the higher-priced plans for large businesses.

You have the free version and a 14-day trial for the pro and business plans. You should try it if you want to utilize a video tool for testimonials, creating a unique video campaign, and for similar reasons.

What is Video Testimonial Software?

Video testimonial software refers to video testimonial tools that help you with video editing to make a testimonial as good as possible. Each software offers different features, but they focus on making the content as good as possible before you show video testimonials to your leads.

Wrap Up

Having the best video testimonial software helps you grab attention, give examples of happy customers, and secure more sales. Ensure you look into the software to see which option meets your needs.

Whether you want to go with Video Ask, Tolstoy, or another, you should review their features and choose what you like.



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