7 Best No Code Website Builders for Your Business

Best no code website builders
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Creating your own website remains a challenging task. Not only do you need to make it look nice & professional, but you have to figure out how to navigate and build it using the tools.

Some people code their websites, but you can make it easier by considering the best no-code website builders.

If you focus on your website and identify the best ways to create it, you’ll save time while making something nice.

Instead of diving into it independently, ensure you use these builders to create websites and make the process easier without coding skills.

What Is the Best No-Code Website Builder?

If you want to use the best no-code website builder, try Wix. The program lets you build websites using a drag-and-drop approach to make it easier. However, you have others like Squarespace and Weebly to consider, so how do you pick one?

While checking Wix, consider the other best options to see which ones work for your situation. For example, Wix might be the best overall, but you may find Dorik offers features that work best for your website builder tool needs.

You should review each option, see what you like about them, and choose a builder based on the situation. You should also note most of them include free trials, so give them a try and see what they offer.


wix - a simple no code website builder


Wix is one of the most popular no-code site builders available. The site focuses on a simple setup while giving you options to receive custom domain names and other details to make your site stand out.

Wix does a great job of making itself accessible to everyone by focusing on the no-code movement.


  • It supports multiple website types, including an eCommerce platform to build an online store, blogs, and restaurants.

  • You have plenty of pricing options, ensuring you’ll find one in your budget.

  • You also have the free version to try and see what you like.

  • Wix sticks to an easy-to-use approach with its drag-and-drop editor, wanting to let anyone create a website.

  • You have multiple templates to choose from if you need a starting point while building your site.

  • You can go through blog posts and video lessons to learn how to use Wix and its features rather than figuring it out alone.


Wix Pricing plans

Wix offers premium plans to enjoy more benefits if you don’t want the free program. The website plans range between 16 to 45 dollars a month, the business and eCommerce plans cost 27 to 59 dollars a month, and the enterprise plans are custom tailored, so you’ll need to make a call.

While website plans work best for professional websites, you’ll want one of the others for online sales and membership sites.

Bottom Line

Wix works best for most people who don’t have experience as web designers. Since you can choose between lower-cost plans for your business website or spend more money to have it run your eCommerce site, it’ll work for most business types. 

Wix offers a 14-day money-back guarantee, so you can try one of the premium plans and get a refund if you don’t like it. In addition, since Wix offers integration and plugins for various programs, like Google Sheets, most people can use it and find success.


squarespace website builder


Squarespace focuses on eCommerce platforms rather than personal use or for your portfolio. The site lets you choose a template, use its website builder, and adjust the site however you want.

Since Squarespace offers plenty of fonts, colors, and pictures for you to use, you can quickly go through the options and pick your favorites. The site prioritizes design, making it appealing and focusing on helping you drive traffic and sales.


  • Squarespace remains a platform designed for eCommerce and business, making it specialized.

  • They offer a free SSL certificate to protect your website and prevent unwanted breaches.

  • You can use stock photos to fill your site until you can upload your pictures.

  • The site supports social media and email marketing tools to share with your customers.

  • The site also supports blogs with creation tools to get you organized and started with your posts.

  • Squarespace focuses on 24/7 support, allowing you to contact them through email, live chat services, and even during their live webinars.


Squarespace pricing

You have plenty of Squarespace pricing options based on various tiers, including a free custom domain, security, and unlimited web hosting bandwidth. 

You have 16 dollars per month for the personal plan and for allowing two contributors. Each of the other tiers offers more eCommerce and business benefits, so you have the business plan for 23 dollars per month, the basic commerce for 27, and the advanced commerce for 49.

Bottom Line

If you plan to make a professional or personal site, stick with a different website builder. On the other hand, Squarespace remains one of the best options for small, medium, and large businesses that want to make money through their sites.

Squarespace offers a free trial to create a website without needing to put in your credit card information. The website makes itself an accessible tool focused on giving you a way to create your website with no coding required.


Weebly website builder


Weebly offers a design to help you transition from a professional business to a standard one. They emphasize the importance of a website adjusting and growing with you, making it a solid starting point for people while offering plenty of room to grow.

You can look into different templates and get your website online quickly, so people will start to see it, and you’ll boost traffic while growing your website.


  • You can use Weebly’s free website builder without strings attached, allowing you to get started before upgrading.

  • The site lets you use tools for eCommerce, such as managing your orders, shipping, and processing payments.

  • You can integrate marketing tools, including Facebook ads and email automation.

  • Weebly partnered with Square to make payments easier while offering more options to your customers so you’ll get more sales.

  • You also have access to customer support to receive help with your website and ensure you get it the way you want.


Weebly pricing plans

Weebly offers four plans you can choose from: free, personal for 10 dollars a month, professional for 12, and performance for 26. You’ll need to pay three or four more dollars per month if you pay monthly rather than annually.

Personal offers the basics while professional has marketing and eCommerce use. If you plan to turn your website into an eCommerce platform with landing pages and similar features, you’ll want professional or performance plans.

Bottom Line

Weebly is an excellent starting point for anyone looking to make a website. However, you shouldn’t have plans to stick with it for personal use. People thrive off building up their websites and moving to different plans based on their needs.

Since it has a free version you can use for as long as you want, you won’t have to worry about free trials and can transition your site as needed. If you plan to transition your site from a personal to a business plan eventually, you can’t go wrong with Weebly.


Webflow website no code builder


Webflow (vs. Squarespace comparison) emphasizes allowing teams to work together on a website, so people can go on, make edits, and update information as needed. It focuses on letting designers, marketers, and developers come together to work on the site.

While the website builder enables you to incorporate eCommerce, it emphasizes the visual design. However, you can include an enterprise to maximize profits and help your business grow.


  • Your team has easy access to the website, so they’ll work on their expertise and sectors.

  • The site splits into three major sections: designers, marketers, and developers. Developers even have access to code for custom code and adjustments to web pages.

  • You get a visual version of different codes, so you can have your website structured while looking nice.

  • Your business can create members-only content to get people to make monthly payments to your company.

  • You can also use SEO and create a logical flow to make your website as efficient as possible.


Webflow pricing plans

You have various pricing plans to choose from, falling into two categories: general and eCommerce. General offers some professional options, while eCommerce helps you make money.

The general pricing ranges include the free starter, 13 dollars a month for basic, 23 for CMS, and 39 for the business plan. The eCommerce category has 29 a month for standard, 74 a month for plus, and 212 for advanced.

Bottom Line

Webflow designs itself around a larger team working together, so you’ll see the most success if you run a medium business or a larger one. You should also go with this plan if you have multiple parts of your business that want to work on your website to streamline the process.

Since you have the free version, you can use it as your free trial to see what the website offers. As you do, you’ll have various plans to try and switch between, allowing you to get what you need.


Zyro website builder


If you want one of the easiest-to-use programs, you should try Zyro. The website offers unlimited pages without any coding. You can also use the templates to create a website while having something to work off rather than hoping it comes together.

As you look through the templates, you’ll find ways to make blogs, portfolios, and business websites to meet your needs.


  • Zyro offers a free domain for the first year you get a site.

  • You have access to 24/7 customer support, meaning you’ll get your questions addressed promptly.

  • All plans offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you’ll get to try the site and not risk wasting your money if you don’t like it.

  • The website builder emphasizes speed, so you’ll see it load quickly whenever a customer goes on your site.

  • Zyro supports credit and debit cards along with Google Pay and Apple pay to receive your payments instantly.


Zyro pricing plans

Zyro keeps the process simple by offering two pricing plans: website and business. The website works best for professional portfolios, blogs, or personal use. The business allows you to start your eCommerce journey by offering various tools.

For example, you’ll enjoy marketing integrations and customer support with the website plan, but you can sell up to 500 products through the business plan.

Bottom Line

Zyro is a beginner-friendly option, offering some great features for business websites. You should go with this if you plan to create a blog or portfolio website, but you can use it for other purposes and quickly set it up.

You could also go with Zyro if you plan to run a small business and don’t need over 500 products. You have a 30-day money-back guarantee on the different programs, allowing you to try them for free and determine if you want to stick with Zyro.


carrd.co website builder


Sometimes, you want to keep the process simple regarding your website needs. If you don’t need multiple pages or anything fancy, you’ll find plenty of value through Carrd. Carrd allows you to make one-page websites to display any information you need.

Instead of going through tons of pages and organization, you’ll keep things simple and easy to manage with your website while having the option to upgrade if you want.


  • You only have to work on one web page, making it easy to organize and display.

  • The website works on most devices, including tables, phones, and laptops, so you won’t have to worry about aspect ratios.

  • You can choose from various one-page templates, allowing you to see the possibilities with Carrd.

  • The single-page design allows the website to load quickly, so people won’t click off it.

  • You have a completely free option, allowing you to make your site with no concerns.


Carrd pricing

You can upgrade to the pro version if you want more than the standard version. The pro version only costs 19 dollars a year, making it an affordable option for anyone. You also get a custom domain with SSL security to keep it safe.

The site will also let you add contact forms, so others can contact you if they want to hire you. 

Bottom Line

Carrd works best as a low-maintenance and straightforward website. While you won’t want to use it for most of your business needs, you’ll find it an ideal fit for your business profile, portfolio, and other crucial information for your professional life.

While you can use Carrd for free, you can try a seven-day trial on the free version. You can stick to it and make small updates to your website as you change your resume, portfolio, or any other purpose the website serves.


dorik.com website builder


Dorik offers excellent flexibility with websites, allowing you to make landing pages, entire websites, and anything else you need without using code. You have over 60 templates, over 250 UI blocks, and over 20 elements to use.

The website advertises itself as offering affordable pricing while giving you the flexibility to form your ideal website. From online forums to customer support, you can receive help with your site from online forums to customer support.


  • You have plenty of plans to choose from, allowing you to pick the best one for your situation.

  • The site lets you easily upload and add your images to make them personalized.

  • You can create landing pages and a website based on your needs. You can also make blogs and use content management systems.

  • Your website can have membership programs to help you make money.

  • The website offers payment integration for PayPal, Stripe, and Gumroad to make payments more manageable.

  • You can go through documents with information on how to use Dorik.


Dorik pricing plans

You can choose between a few Dorik plan types: the classic and CMS plans. The Dorik plans have a free version, 79 dollars per year for the starter plan, and 199 per year for the premium plan.

As for the CMS plans, you have 48 per year for the personal plan, 132 per year for the business plan, 399 per year for the agency plan, and 649 per year for the agency plus plan.

Bottom Line

Dorik works as a general website builder for most situations. It has a good balance for those who want to use it for free and for businesses, though it leans more towards the business side, offering many features.

You have a free plan to use if you want to try different features and see if Dorik works for your business. While it can work for personal and career use, the platform focuses on eCommerce and assisting businesses.

What Are No-Code Website Builders?

A no-code website builder means you won’t have to worry about writing code while building a professional website. Instead of learning how to code and use it, you’ll use no-code tools to create your website and design it to your liking.

Wrap Up

Ensure you identify the best no-code website builder for your needs. Doing so will help you build your online presence, create a site, and do so through no-code platforms. As you focus on them, you’ll create an ideal website and make it as efficient as possible.

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