Best Link Trackers for Marketers in 2023 (Free to Premium)

Best link trackers in 2023

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Marketers use multiple platforms to reach their audience, but you can’t just cast a wide net and see what happens. For example, are more customers finding you through affiliate links, or is a specific social media platform your primary lead generator? 

Link tracking software can tell you everything you need to know to focus your marketing efforts on the right sources instead of spinning your wheels.

I researched and compiled a list of the best link trackers for marketing teams. By the end of this article, you will be able to choose the best option for your team.

What Are the Best Link Trackers?

Link tracking tools help you decipher a lot about your audience to refine and streamline your marketing efforts. The best link trackers offer versatile options to cover all of your platforms and deliver usable data. 

The top spot on our list goes to ClickMeter.com, one of the more popular options for organizations that rely on digital marketing campaigns.

We realize that everyone has unique needs and preferences, so we compiled this list with that in mind. If Clickmeter.com doesn’t quite work for you, one of the link trackers is sure to satisfy your team.


Clickmeter hero section


ClickMeter.com shortens your links to make them look neater, but it also tracks a wide range of metrics to keep you in the know. From identifying broken links to conversion tracking, this platform has you covered.

Top Features

  • Identify top converting links to optimize campaigns and boost your ROI.

  • Monitor for click fraud, blacklists, and broken links with powerful anti-fraud features, like bot blockers.

  • Share data with partners and colleagues to keep everyone on the same page and make better, more informed decisions.

  • Run A/B split testing to see which landing pages and funnels get the best results.

  • Use link cloaking features to block destination URLs and protect against hackers.

  • Short linking and tags make reporting easier and more organized.

  • You don’t need to have coding knowledge to install or set up the software.


Clickmeter pricing plan

ClickMeter offers three pricing plans that include over 100 features, affiliate marketing tools, A/B split testing, full Excel exports, and custom domains. 

  • Medium Package: $29 per month for 25,000 events, 2500 data points, and one custom domain.

  • Large Package: $99 per month for 200,000 events, 20,000 data points, two years of data storage, and up to ten custom domains.

  • X-Large Package: $349 per month for 2,000,000 events, 200,000 data points, three years of data storage, and 100 custom domains.

If you need more from your ClickMeter package, you can contact the company to create a custom plan that works for you.

Bottom Line

ClickMeter is one of the best link trackers available because it’s comprehensive with some key features, like detecting broken links so you can repair them quickly. In addition, you can test different campaigns with the A/B split testing and create custom domains with your branding. 

Marketing teams and agencies can take advantage of ClickMeter’s tools to create more targeted campaigns. It’s easy to track conversions and refine efforts to maximize results. Affiliate marketers will appreciate the ability to recognize and obstruct fraudulent clicks.


Hyros hero section


Hyros (full review here) tracks ads to help provide you with critical insights on campaign effectiveness across all sales funnels. Access data on conversions and ROI estimates for each channel. This premium platform offers robust features for high-volume organizations.

Top Features

  • Provides accurate, long-form customer tracking so you can follow behavior at every stage of the sales funnel.

  • Easy integration works with a user’s existing setup and doesn’t require you to learn new software to access data.

  • The user-friendly interface is intuitive, from the two-click installation to interpreting reports.

  • Track everything you desire, from emails to phone calls, even if your customer switches between devices.

  • Having an exclusive client list means the team can deliver stellar support to its VIPs with multiple educational options to ensure you maximize your returns.

  • Detailed reports provide deep insights across multiple channels.


Hyros pricing

Hyros doesn’t provide detailed pricing on the website. According to the site, packages start at $199 per month, but prospective customers must chat with a representative to get an actual price. 

Bottom Line

Hyros is a premium, high-end link-tracking service that delivers comprehensive, long-term data. The easy-to-use platform offers impressive customer support with a personal touch. However, Hyros retains an exclusive client list that requires users to spend at least $10,000 on ads per month. It simply isn’t an option for many companies.


LinkTrackr hero section


LinkTrackr is a clean, straightforward alternative to accurately track traffic through unique URLs. It features click-tracking software to provide analytics on pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, along with link cloaking for affiliate marketers.

Top Features

  • Tracks conversions without adding more code to your website.

  • Includes several integrations to support multi-channel tracking.

  • Tap into powerful Google Adwords optimization tools.

  • Provides profitability and ROI reports so you can see how much each conversion costs you and what you make in return.

  • Use A/B split testing to run ad comparisons and determine which ones work best on each channel.

  • Offers comprehensive tracking options to give you a clearer picture across all channels you use, including PPC and pixel tracking.

  • Filters out duplicate conversions to keep your analytics accurate.


Linktrackr pricing

LinkTrackr has four pricing tiers starting at $17 per month. Each plan includes cloaking, remarketing, and the ability to import CSV files.

  • Basic: $17 per month for 100 tracking links, 10,000 clicks per month, and use of default domains.

  • Pro: $27 per month for 500 tracking links and 50,000 clicks per month. You also get custom domains and pixel-tracking abilities.

  • Hyper: $47 per month for 1,000 tracking links and 100,000 clicks per month. The package includes everything from the Pro package plus split testing features.

  • Extreme: $77 per month for 5,000 tracking links, 500,000 clicks per month, and everything from the Hyper package.

Additionally, the platform routinely offers a discount for paying annually, saving you between $10 and $30, depending on the plan.

Bottom Line

LinkTrackr is one of the best link-tracking options in terms of price, and the platform offers a 30-day free trial to test the product. Plus, it’s web-based, so you don’t have to install click-tracking software to use it. LinkTrackr is ideal for smaller businesses, entrepreneurs, and beginners who need something simple and affordable. 


ClickMagick Hero Section


ClickMagick (review here) is another web-based link-tracking software to consider. It includes some premium features with proprietary software that can provide more accurate insights and curb fraudulent clicks.

Top Features

  • Impressive anti-fraud features target fraudulent clicks with bot filtering and click shields.

  • Keep tabs on overall costs for each ad and platform in real-time.

  • The software creates visitor profiles to help you identify ideal customers and refine future ads.

  • Tap into the powerful campaign builder with ad optimization features to use your marketing dollars more efficiently.

  • Works with popular third-party AI algorithms to provide an accurate snapshot of your customers’ behaviors.

  • A/B split testing features include automated winner alerts, so you don’t have to decide which ad performs better.


ClickMagick Pricing

ClickMagick offers three pricing plans that all include real-time statistics, custom domains, and the TrueTracking® Platform.

  • Starter: $37 per month for up to 10,000 clicks per month, six-month data retention, and basic online support.

  • Standard: $97 per month for up to 100,000 clicks per month, three team members, five funnel tracking projects, ten custom domains, one year of data retention, and more.

  • Pro: $197 per month for unlimited clicks, team members, funnel tracking, custom domains, integrations, and two years of data retention. 

Bottom Line

ClickMagick is one of the better options for teams because of the account-sharing options that make collaboration easier. It is a powerful link tracker with useful features, but you need to upgrade to the Standard package to tap into most of them. Thankfully, the platform offers a 14-day free trial, so you can test it before committing. 


Voluum hero


Voluum (review) helps marketers optimize ad campaigns with features to track and automate advertising. It lets you track a range of ad and source types to provide comprehensive data and make quick decisions based on accurate, real-time reports.

Top Features

  • Bulleted list of the top five to ten highlights of the product. These should be benefit-driven highlights of the product that show what the product can do for its target customers.

  • These bullet points shouldn’t be any longer than two sentences max.

  • This whole section should be around 50 to 100 words depending on the product.


Voluum Pricing

Voluum offers pricing plans for businesses and individuals. You can save by paying annually instead of monthly.

All three business tiers include cookieless tracking, traffic distribution AI, rule-based traffic distribution, and the anti-fraud kit. 

  • Start-up: $499 per month for ten workspaces, two additional users, one read-only user, and ten shared reports.

  • Agency: $999 per month for 20 workspaces, five additional users, eight read-only users, 30 shared reports, and VIP servers.

  • Enterprise: $1999 per month for 40 workspaces, ten additional users, 20 read-only users, 50 shared reports, white label shared reports, and VIP servers. 

Individual plans start at $99 per month for the Discover plan, which includes five active offers, five traffic sources, and three affiliate networks. Upgrade to Profit at $149 per month or Scale at $239 per month to increase the number of active offers, traffic sources, and affiliate networks.

Bottom Line

Voluum might be one of the best link trackers for scaling. You could realistically start with the individual Discover package and scale up to the Enterprise business package. It’s also one of the most comprehensive packages for marketers because Voluum offers amazing customer support and impressively accurate data. The premium cost might be a deterrent, though.


Anytrack.io hero section


AnyTrack.io is one of the newer link trackers on the market, and it’s geared toward affiliate marketers. You can easily sync your ad networks with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel to compile the data you need to make informed marketing decisions. 

Top Features

  • Fast and easy setup requires minimal modifications to manage all of your platforms and links.

  • Feeds data back to Google Ads in real-time for better ad optimization.

  • The web-based platform means there’s no software to download.

  • Users can access multiple training options to help them get the most out of their subscriptions.

  • Robust customer support features ensure you get timely answers to your questions and quick troubleshooting responses.


Anytrack.io pricing

AnyTrack.io offers three pricing plans with the option to pay monthly or annually. Users who pay annually get a 20% discount.

  • Basic: $50 per month for one website, one ad pixel, one conversion source, up to 50,000 sessions, and three months of data retention. 

  • Personal: $150 per month for up to three websites, one Pixel per Ad Platform, unlimited conversion sources, 500,000 sessions, and 12 months of data retention. Additionally, you get support for Ad Networks, Webhooks, and custom events tracking.

  • Advanced: $300 per month for up to ten websites, unlimited Ad Pixels and conversation sources, 3,000,000 sessions, and everything from the Personal tier.

For AnyTrack.io’s purposes, a session is every time a visitor enters your site. So, visitors can view multiple pages on the site without affecting the session count, and you can track your session status in the billing table.

Bottom Line

Despite AnyTrack.io’s relative newness, the platform has a strong following and customer base. It’s easy to use and integrates with almost anything you could hope to connect with, and the price is reasonable for the features. If you’re unsure about AnyTrack.io, you can test the platform with the 14-day free trial before committing. 

Pretty Links

Pretty Links Hero Section


Pretty Links is a WordPress plugin to provide redirections, shorter links, and streamlined affiliate link management. It’s ideal for cloaking your affiliate links to match your brand and protect against nefarious behavior, like malicious scripts. 

Top Features

  • It’s ideal for Bloggers who use WordPress and desire link cloaking to match your branding.

  • Manage all affiliate links in one place for easy updates and changes.

  • Set up your link tracking in around five minutes. 

  • Protects bloggers from hackers who want to steal their commissions.

  • When used correctly, you get an SEO boost with cleaner redirections.


Pretty Links Pricing

Like many other platforms, Pretty Links offers three pricing plans. Unlike its competitors, Pretty Links also runs deals on occasion with unique coupon codes. Each plan includes advanced redirect types, automatic link shortening, one year of support and updates, and auto-link keywords.

  • Beginner: $199 per month for one WordPress site and updates.

  • Marketer: $299 per month for up to two WordPress sites and advanced add-ons.

  • Super Affiliate: $399 per month for up to five WordPress sites, priority support, and advanced add-ons.

Bottom Line

Pretty Links is one of the best link trackers for individuals who operate a few WordPress sites, like bloggers who rely on affiliate marketing for revenue. The downside is that you don’t get as much in-depth data as you do with other platforms. However, you can test the platform’s capabilities with the 14-day free trial to see if it meets your needs. 


Rebrandly hero section


Rebrandly is a popular link management service used by major corporations, like Dell and Oracle, but also by smaller companies and individuals. It allows you to create custom links and track traffic. Users can tap into additional features. 

Top Features

  • Route traffic to specific pages with the deep link feature that you can easily set with a few clicks.

  • Customization options extend to analytics and reports to provide you with the information you want most.

  • Access more than 100 integrations, including the most popular social media platforms.

  • Add some personality to your links with the unique emoji feature.

  • Create a QR code for your custom link with the platform’s unique code generator. 

  • Dedicated customer support helps you configure everything correctly from the beginning.


Rebrandly pricing

Rebrandly pricing includes two plans for individuals and a team plan with savings for paying annually instead of monthly. The platform notes that there are some free options as well.

Individuals can choose from the Essentials plan, starting at $34 per month, or the Professional plan, starting at $99 per month. Team pricing starts at $499 per month. 

Each package includes a maximum number of tracked clicks and branded links per month. However, unlike the competitors, you don’t have to upgrade if you exceed the maximum. Instead, the platform charges a flat rate for the overage. So, for example, individual plans that go over the clicks per month incur a $1 fee for every 1,000 extra clicks. 

Bottom Line

Rebrandly is one of the best link-tracking tools for heavy social media users. It offers a lot of customization options and dedicated customer support to ensure you have everything you need to succeed. Unfortunately, Rebrandly doesn’t offer a free trial, but you can sign up for a free account to see how it works and tap into some of the key features.


Improvely hero section


Improvely is another well-known link tracker boasting major clients like UNICEF. Aside from tracking traffic, the platform helps users test and optimize their ad campaigns. Additionally, Improvely features some useful anti-fraud features to provide some necessary security.

Top Features

  • Create customer profiles for each website visitor based on their past behaviors, like purchases and pages they frequent.

  • Set your account to send email alerts when you get a conversion.

  • Establish funnel reports to see how links perform at different stages of the sales process.

  • Figure out which ads work best with A/B split testing features. You can set two landing pages to compete against each other and let the platform calculate the winner.

  • Make informed decisions and changes based on real-time data from major platforms, including Facebook, Google, and Bing Ads.


Improvely pricing

Improvely offers four price tiers to accommodate individuals up to enterprise-level teams. Every level includes visitor and conversion tracking, click fraud features, affiliate tracking, and split testing.

  • Freelancer: $29 per month for one team member and up to 10,000 visits per month.

  • Startup: $79 per month for up to three team members and 50,000 visits per month.

  • Small Agency: $149 per month for unlimited team members, up to 100,000 visits per month, and sub-accounts.

  • Large Agency: starting at $299 per month for unlimited team members and 250,000 visits or more per month. You also get sub-accounts and white-label reports.

Bottom Line

Improvely is a powerful and comprehensive link-tracking service that helps you refine and optimize your digital marketing campaigns, and you can take advantage of a 14-day free trial. The anti-fraud features are some of the best in the industry, with detailed reports and bot prevention. It’s ideal for marketing teams that use several advertising channels. 

What Is a Link Tracker? 

A link tracker is a custom URL associated with one specific marketing piece to gather data on its success. You can use a link-tracking tool to formulate the URLs and gather information about customer behaviors for that link.

For example, you would have a unique URL for a specific social media post advertising a new product. The link tracking service uses that link to collect data on how many clicks it gets. 

Depending on the link tracker, you can access additional features, like anti-fraud options. These platforms can help protect you against hackers stealing your commissions or losing access to an ad network due to fraudulent clicks.


Tracking links provide valuable insights to help you optimize your campaigns. They can also offer powerful anti-fraud features, make your links more attractive, and boost SEO in some cases.

The platforms on this list represent some of the best link tracker software available, with something for everyone.

However, if you can’t seem to decide on the best link tracker, it helps to make a side-by-side comparison of your top choices, like Voluum vs. ClickMagick


Some of the links in this article are affiliate links. If you decide to purchase a paid plan or program by using the links provided on this page, I may receive a commission for that purchase at no additional cost to you. 

This site is not intended to provide financial advice and is for entertainment only. You can read our affiliate disclosure in our privacy policy.


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