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Clickmagick review

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If you are a blogger, small business owner, or anyone who utilizes a website for most of your business marketing, tracking clicks & conversions is critically essential.

But without the proper tools, analyzing data to identify who is clicking on what links and how those clicks translate into positive actions for your site is basically impossible.

Thankfully, there are many programs and apps that help entrepreneurs and marketers track and optimize their advertising efforts.

We will review one of the best options for ad tracking software in this Clickmagick review. 

What Is Clickmagick? 

What is Clickmagick? - A link tracking tool

Clickmagick is a web-based software app that allows you to optimize your marketing campaigns by identifying how users click on your links. 

The app also gives you powerful tools to adjust metrics, track trends, and even automate some repetitive tasks that you have likely lost hours completing manually in the past.

Clickmagick is also helpful for collaborating with team members with account sharing and customizable permissions. Sharing reports with teams or clients is quick and efficient with the company’s software.

Clickmagick is for individual promoters, small businesses, and marketing agencies who value real-time data and want to take complete control of how and what data they track.

The History of Clickmagick  

Clickmagick was started in 2014 after founder Patrick Kelly identified what he believed to be a gap in the marketing industry. Kelly felt that many businesses were leaving money on the table by not appropriately collecting and analyzing the data their websites were already generating.

For the past eight years, Patrick Kelly and his team have steadily built Clickmagick into one of the most popular ad-tracking software on the market today. They have consistently released new link-tracking features every month since first launching the software. They have developed several pricing plans to allow individuals and businesses to utilize the service at every level.

Clickmagick is headquartered in Houston, Texas, United States, and currently has over 122,000 users across the globe.

Clickmagick Features & Benefits

Clickmagick has been successful in the marketing industry in large part because of its well-thought-out and comprehensive range of tools. Let’s look at some of Clickmagick’s best features and benefits now.

Easy Set-Up

Setting up your Clickmagick account is simple. The company boasts that the service works as a “single source of truth” while only taking about five minutes to set up.

The idea that Clickmagick can be your single source of information comes from the fact that Clickmagick aggregates data from many ad networks such as Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and more. The data that Clickmagick pulls from these sites is accurate and comprehensive.

Clickmagick also integrates with other apps and platforms you are likely already using for your marketing campaigns. The list is too long to provide every technology, but some of the most popular ones that work with Clickmagick include Google ads, Microsoft ads, Apple, WordPress, Mailchimp, and Shopify.

Another great benefit of Clickmagick’s easy setup is that the technology is entirely functional with Apple iOS 14.5 and avoids the chaos of the new tracking feature causing many advertisers problems.

Clickmagick designed their entire setup process for busy marketers, not programmers. In other words, you don’t need to be a tech guru to create your account and start tracking your ads. 

You must copy and paste the provided lines of code into your website or online marketplace to activate TrueTracking.

After that, Clickmagick provides an easy-to-use Campaign Wizard and a URL Builder to help you learn how to begin tracking your marketing efforts. The company even works with you to figure out issues arising from any complex funneling or customized marketing strategies you may use.


Clickmagick intends for its tracking technology and attribution platform to be the most accurate and comprehensive tool a small online business could ever need for its marketing needs. With that idea in mind, Clickmagick makes it easy to scale your tracking to meet any size campaign you have. 

With Clickmagick, you can track almost every user action and event that occurs on your website. Examples of everyday events that Clickmagick can help you track include: 

  • Opt-ins

  • Sales

  • Number of clicks on links in marketing emails

  • Number of clicks on any other elements on your website

  • Phone orders 

  • Other offline events

Tracking Across Multiple Devices

According to Cisco, by 2023, there will be roughly 13.4 IoT networked devices per person in North America. There are a lot of different ways for a person to get online and potentially see your marketing. 

To address the growing range of devices people use to get online, Clickmagick provides cross-device tracking to accurately determine user behaviors. So even if a user first visits your site on their phone, then signs up for an account with their desktop, and finally makes a purchase through their smart speaker, you will still be able to track their activity.

And even if your customers reach out to you through offline channels, you can still use Clickmagick to capture that data to analyze trends and optimize your marketing.

The technology provides a means for you to track activities such as over-the-phone sales, wire transfers, and accepting other offline payments, so you don’t lose out on any valuable data.

Monitoring Cost Data

Additionally, Clickmagick’s tracking software will automatically manage your ad costs from platforms like Google and Facebook. After integrating Clickmagick into your ad platforms, you can review cost-related metrics that always have the most up-to-date information without manually updating a spreadsheet.

User Profiles

Clickmagick’s tracking software also builds visitor profiles for you that will collect every click and conversion you get from a customer. This data is beneficial for understanding how your current marketing is impacting your best customers and can help you make more data-driven decisions about building future campaigns.


Clickmagick ad optimization features

Once TrueTracking is up and running on your site, Clickmagick can not only help you track clicks; it also helps optimize your marketing strategies.

The Clickmagick Campaign Builder is a powerful tool that is easy to use and gives you the guidance to build the most effective way to track entire sales funnels

Clickmagick Campaigns utilize industry-standard UTMs and first-party cookies, which accurately track user activity without clunky redirects and annoying tracking links that can make data analysis more difficult.

Real-Time Reporting

Thankfully, as soon as you complete the 5-minute setup process, TrueTracking will begin to provide real-time data from your site, including ROI, AOV, ROAS, profits, conversion rates, and other vital stats.

Multiple Attribution Models

Clickmagick also provides options for using different attribution models. It supports the Last-Click attribution model to give data about the last click that led to a conversion. This model helps build an accurate picture of what aspects of your marketing are the most effective.

Or, if a multi-touch attribution model is what you prefer, Clickmagick allows you to analyze different aspects of your marketing with Linear, Position-Based, and Time Decay models.

Optimizing Third-Party AI

Clickmagick also works hand-in-hand with the AI algorithms of ad networks for Google, TikTok, and others. 

Usually, these third-party AI-generated algorithms can be alarmingly inaccurate about your sales data. Still, with Clickmagick’s Audience Optimization function, the data you capture is shared with these AIs to create the most accurate depiction of your sales regardless of platform.


Clickmagick anti fraud protection & automatic bot filtering

Another issue that spans all platforms is the growing prevalence of bots and fraudulent clicks, which create an inaccurate picture of how your marketing strategy is actually performing.

Automatic Bot Traffic Filtering 

To combat this concern, Clickmagick provides an intelligent “bot” filter. The company built its filter by analyzing billions of clicks to create an efficient, highly effective security tool.

Click Shield 

Another anti-fraud measure that Clickmagick provides is its Click Shield protection tool. Clickmagick designed this tool to root out and stop unwanted clicks on your site that are not genuine.

With Click Shield, you can create rules for what clicking behavior you want to see on your site, and it will automatically block the rest. What this means for you is that all those unwanted clicks will stop costing you money and all without affecting your conversion rates.

Clickmagick Affiliate Program

Clickmagick Affiliate marketing tools

If you are interested in growing a profitable affiliate marketing program, Clickmagick has a lot of tools that can help.

Network Integrations

The company offers a full-stack affiliate marketing platform that works with over 100 affiliate partners, including well-established companies like ClickBank, FlexOffers, and CJ Affiliate.

Using Clickmagick’s Affiliate URL Builder tool, you simply provide your affiliate link, select the affiliate network you are using, and Clickmagick provides an updated affiliate link that will Clickmagick to track your affiliate sales.

Conversion Tracking

 Clickmagick tracks affiliate marketer sales through a Postback URL and server-to-server tracking. This method forms a direct connection between your Clickmagick software and the affiliate networks you connect with to provide highly accurate tracking data.

Dynamic Affiliate Links

To further develop the impact of affiliate marketing, Clickmagick gives you the power to link dynamic affiliate links. For instance, if one of your advertisers has an underperforming page but you want to promote a product. With a dynamic affiliate link, you can steer customers to your page and then direct them to another section of the advertiser’s marketing funnel, such as their sales page.

The benefit of these dynamic links is that they give you the power to improve your conversion rates and affiliate commissions with only a few quick actions.

Customized Tracking Pixels and Retargeting Coding

Clickmagick also allows you to fully customize tracking pixels and retargeting codes that you may wish to attach to affiliate links. This data makes it much easier to develop your affiliate marketing for maximum impact.

Location and Device Targeting

Finally, the affiliate marketing tools from Clickmagick allow you to redirect users based on their location and device data. This feature is essential since some affiliates are limited to specific geographic locales or certain types of devices.

Library of Tools

ClickMagick auto cost update

Clickmagick is constantly and consistently releasing new tools and updating old ones as the company reacts to customer feedback. Here are a few additional tools currently available when you sign up.

Click Rotators

Clickmagick Rotators are a traffic delivery system that works well for email marketing, CPA offers, ad co-ops, and more. The rotators allow you to distribute your traffic to however many URLs you want. 

Clickmagick offers four different rotators with dozens of choices for how to customize them, such as directing traffic based on time, location, or type of user device.

Customized Tracking Domains 

You can build Clickmagick tracking links and link rotators to look however you want them to. This feature is helpful because a professional, unique, and visually appealing domain can impact the number of clicks those links get.

Email Notification

Clickmagick tracking links can automatically notify you through email of many different events so you can make decisions faster. Get instant notifications about opt-in rates, earning-per-click (EPC) amounts, and more.

Team Collaboration

Clickmagick designed its software for small businesses with passionate teams of individuals. With this in mind, Clickmagick provides tools for easier collaborations.

Invite Others to Your Account

 Depending on the type of Clickmagick plan you use, you have the option to invite your team to join your Clickmagick account. You can even control access permissions so some individuals can have full admin permission while others can be limited to report-only access.

Public Stat Sharing

Whether it’s your internal team members or a client who you do marketing for, Clickmagick makes it simple to share stats. All you have to do is select individual tracking links or entire Campaigns to build your reports quickly.

When you’re ready to share, Clickmagick creates a share link for you to provide to whoever you want. 

Best of all, the share links that Clickmagick produces automatically include protection such as password access and an expiration date.

Customize Your Postbacks and WebHooks

You can automatically send your data to different apps and platforms when you use Clickmagick’s custom postbacks and webhooks.

You can use this function to optimize your marketing strategy on any platform, but it is also helpful for sending your data to autoresponders, CRM software, and other tools.

Zapier Integration

Zapier is a software tool for workflow automation and web app integration. Clickmagick has a specific integration for Zapier that lets you use your data with over 1,000 other apps.

The tool uses Zapier “triggers” to make real-time actions across a massive list of applications. You can combine Zapier and Clickmagick for actions like sending you a text every time a sale is finalized or inserting data into your order management systems.

Finally, Clickmagick offers multiple Zapier templates for the most common actions, which will help you get up and running with minimal effort.

Clickmagick APIs

Most of Clickmagick’s tools and features are fully capable of being utilized by anyone with even minimal technical know-how. However, Clickmagick recognizes that some advertisers are highly tech-savvy individuals who want more control over their marketing tools.

To that end, Clickmagick provides its full-featured REST API with dozens of endpoints so you can build and customize your tools in whatever way you want.

Even better, Clickmagick provides a free library of their API documents so you can get a comprehensive idea of what Clickmagick has to offer without even needing to sign up for an account.

Customer Support & Training 

Even the most straightforward software can take a little time to get comfortable with, but thankfully, Clickmagick provides plenty of help along the way.

Multiple Customer Service Options

Clickmagick’s standard and pro plans come with live customer support available 18 hours a day. If you sign up for Clickmagick’s starter plan, you can still submit a support ticket that generally has a turnaround of only a few hours.

Clickmagick also purports to hire knowledgeable marketers, so you get insightful feedback instead of a customer service rep reading from a script.

Onboarding Assistance

Once you sign up for a paid account, a marketing expert from Clickmagick will reach out to help guide you through the process of setting up your account and using the software.

During the onboarding call, the Clickmagick representative will be able to help you design your first ad campaign using Clickmagick or show you how to integrate Clickmagick into your pre-existing systems seamlessly.

Library of Articles and Video Tutorials

 Clickmagick ensures you are getting the most out of your marketing by providing an extensive library they named the Knowledge Base.

The Knowledge Base contains over 500 learning articles with plenty of easy-to-understand screenshots and video tutorials. The topics of the articles range from Clickmagicks proprietary tools to critical knowledge about tracking, optimization, and growing your advertising campaigns.

The Knowledge Base database is fully searchable, and it is easy to navigate through the library to find what you need.

Clickmagick Cost & Plans

Clickmagick offers three plans with some extra features available only to the higher-priced plans. Additionally, Clickmagick provides a 14-day free trial, so you can explore the app’s features and decide for yourself if you want to upgrade to a paid plan or not.

Let’s take a look at each of the three plans now.

Starter – $37/month

Clickmagick designed the Starter plan for new marketers working on a budget or individuals who only need a few essential advertising tools.

The Starter plan costs $37 per month, and you get the following features:

  • 10,000 click limit per month

  • TrueTracking platform

  • Real-time stats and KPIs

  • One team member

  • One funnel-tracking project

  • Two custom tracking domains

  • 6-month data retention plan

  • Basic online support, which consists of Knowledge Base and customer support ticket submission

Standard – $97/month

Clickmagick’s most popular plan is the Standard plan they built for small businesses who want to scale or optimize their marketing.

The Standard plan costs $97 per month, and you get the following features:

  • 100,000 click limit per month

  • TrueTracking platform

  • Real-time stats and KPIs

  • Three team members

  • Five funnel tracking projects

  • Ten custom tracking domains

  • 1-year data retention plan

  • Premium online support, including live chat support and preferential response to support tickets.

You also get additional features that aren’t available with the Starter plan, including:

  • Auto cost update 

  • Audience Optimization

  • Cross-device tracking

  • Advanced attribution models

  • Phone/offline sales tracking

  • PPC Click Shield

  • API and Zapier access

Pro – $197/month

 The top tier plan from Clickmagick is their Pro plan. It is the best option for large teams or power users who want complete control over every single detail of their marketing campaigns.

The Pro plan costs $197 per month. You get all the features from the Standard plan plus the following features:

  • Unlimited clicks

  • Unlimited team members

  • Unlimited funnel tracking projects

  • Unlimited integrations

  • Unlimited custom tracking domains

  • 2-year data retention

The Pros & Cons of Clickmagick  

Here is a short summary that quickly outlines the major pros and cons of Clickmagick.


  • A free 14-day trial makes it easy to explore the technology

  • Cross-device tracking makes analyzing user behaviors much easier

  • Knowledge Base can practically take you from a marketing apprentice to a master 

  • The ability to track offline conversions is a gamechanger

  • Real-time stats and auto-notifications make managing your marketing simple


  • Not enough pricing levels for users on a budget

  • Needs more comprehensive customer support

  • The wide range of features can be overwhelming at first

Alternatives to Clickmagick

We’ve provided a comprehensive look at Clickmagick’s features and plans, but it is not the only link-tracking software available. Here are a few Clickmagick alternative options for you to compare and contrast.


ClickMeter is a popular link-tracking software for advertisers, publishers, and marketing agencies.

ClickMeter offers over 100 features, including link shortening, customized redirects, and options for domain naming.

There are helpful tracking features with ClickMeter too. You can do your tracking with many different filters, configure cookies, and even exclude IPs.

The analysis features are also straightforward with ClickMeter. The company provides dozens of tools such as trend reports, email and audio notifications, customized data report filters, and a neat world map tool that displays click numbers by location.

ClickMeter offers three different plans, and there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee if you decide the technology is not suitable for you.

Compared to Clickmagick, ClickMeter offers a more comprehensive list of features on the lower plans, but their top tier plan costs $349 per month, which is over $150 more expensive than Clickmagick’s Pro plan.


  • Better data retention plans than Clickmagick

  • Higher event limits than Clickmagick

  • Can export data to Excel sheets

  • Over 100 features

  • Great for collaborating with larger teams


  • No free trial plan

  • The premium plan might be too expensive for some

  • Little to no training content


Voluum hero section

The cloud-based ad tracking software from Voluum lets you capture data about the efficacy of your landing pages, ads, and offers.

The program integrates with over 70 platforms, including Google, TikTok, Facebook, and more. 

Tracking your third-party offers, ad costs, and other campaign data is simple.

Voluum lets you review 30 different data points, and you can group your data however you want when compiling reports.

There are AI tools that can automatically direct traffic to your best marketing elements, and it is easy to create advanced targeting metrics.

Voluum designed its software for professional agencies and larger online businesses that want to take their marketing to the next level.

Compared to Clickmagick, Voluum offers more subscription plans for easier scaling, but several of the plans are much more expensive.

There are three subscription plans for individuals and three for businesses. The first business plan from Voluum starts at $499 per month.


  • A whole week of onboarding assistance

  • A free digital marketing course

  • Over 70 platforms integrations

  • Powerful fraud detection kit

  • The user interface is well-designed and easy to learn


  • Only suitable for those with large budgets

  • Limited data retention on lower-tier plans

  • Customer support is lacking compared to similar companies


Linktrackr hero section

LinkTrackr is a fantastic tracking program that integrates with Google Analytics, allows you to cloak and shorten your links, and quickly works across multiple affiliate networks.

The program offers easy-to-use tools, an attractive layout, UX design, and affordably priced subscription plans that are great for budget-conscious entrepreneurs.

LinkTrackr lets you track many different variables, including location, device, browser, fraudulent clicks, and like.

You can create reports based on the number of clicks, the amount of time users stay on your site, and a lot of other valuable metrics.

You can also integrate LinkTrackr with many different affiliates or invite other team members to collaborate with your account.

Perhaps the most enticing factor in LinkTrackr’s favor is that they offer an extremely low-cost, albeit quite limited, a basic subscription plan for users on a budget.

LinkTrackr has a total of four paid subscription plans starting at just $17 per month.

Compared to Clickmagick, LinkTrackr is very budget-friendly. However, the range of features is more limited, and even the most premium plan has limits for tracking links and clicks.


  • Budget-friendly versions of the software

  • Efficient affiliate link creation with plenty of metadata options

  • More subscription plans than similar companies 

  • Easy to optimize links for search engine indexing and social media posting

  • Useful A/B landing page testing tool


  • No live chat customer support

  • Frustrating click and tracking link limits

  • No cross-device tracking functionality 


Hyros hero section

Hyros, formerly known as Market Hero, is a popular software for tracking ad ROI. I recently wrote a full review that details the platform’s features and benefits. 

Hyros is a unique entry in that it is a highly exclusive service requiring you to fill out an application and then have a strategy meeting with the company’s marketing experts before using the software.

The reason for this unusual setup process is that Hyros builds a custom AI tracker for each of its clients. 

The UX is easy to understand, and navigating between the various attribution, tracking, and integration tools is simple. Hyros tracks conversions, email responses, and phone calls with equal ease and helps you build a more detailed picture of your customer’s behavior.

Along with tracking activity across multiple devices, Hyros prides itself on helping you build a better view of long-term trends so you can understand what impact your ads are actually making.

The cost of Hyros’ service scales with the size of your business and revenue. Hyros does not offer any plans or pricing info on its website other than to say that the service starts as low as $199/month.


  • The most hands-on, personalized service of any ad tracking software company

  • Scaled pricing means it is possibly a good fit for any size company or ad campaign

  • Top-tier customer service and technical support

  • The user interface is straightforward and intuitive

  • AI tracking software is accurate and well-designed


  • Scaled pricing makes it difficult to determine your investment

  • The application process is slower and more involved than other options

  • A smaller list of features than companies such as Clickmagick


Improvely hero section

Improvely is an ad tracking platform that puts a big emphasis on fraud detection. With Improvely, you can track many different metrics, and the software will automatically build customer profiles, so you get a better understanding of your best customers’ behaviors.

You can also generate traffic reports and customize them with dozens of metrics. Or create funnel reports to learn how your customers are moving through your site and see where there are opportunities for optimizing your marketing.

Improvely’s software also automatically detects click fraud to find malicious competitors or fraudulent users from foreign countries. With Improvely, you can get notifications and block these bad click sources. The software will even help you recover lost money from PPC ads.

The software also helps with affiliate marketing. You can quickly and easily set up cloak links and track commission sources on dozens of affiliate networks.

Improvely offers seven pricing plans with options for freelance individuals all the way up to large agencies. 


  • Fraud detection and security are a priority with Improvely

  • An interactive demo and 14-day free trial are helpful for testing the service

  • A/B split testing and affiliate tracking tools are easy to use

  • Custom-branded reports and export tools make collaboration simple

  • Improvely is easy to use on your desktop, tablet, or phone


  • Limited customer support

  • The training library and other support resources are unimpressive

  • It offers fewer integrations than many of its competitors

Other Clickmagick Alternatives

 Here are a few more link-tracking software alternatives that you can research before deciding if Clickmagick is the right option for you or not.

  • ThoughtMetric

  • AdsBridge

  • Everflow.io

  • Peerclick

  • Bitly

  • Trk.Me

  • Ad Trackz Gold

  • Tapfiliate

  • ClickGUARD

  • AdRollAdsBridge

Clickmagick Review Verdict: Is Clickmagick Right for You?

Is click magick right for you?

With everything outlined in this review, you should now have an accurate picture of the kind of service you will get from Clickmagick.

The company designed its software for small businesses or for entrepreneurs who might be making their first foray into the world of online marketing. If you are someone who lacks the marketing experience or technical know-how to tackle design and coding your marketing campaigns from scratch, then Clickmagick might be a good fit.

Thankfully, you can use Clickmagick’s free trial period to create an account and explore the tools they offer. If you feel that Clickmagick is missing something you need, check out any of the other options we listed to find the right ad tracking service for you. If you find that the options are in-line with your business needs, then consider signing up for a paid version.




Some of the links in this article are affiliate links. If you decide to purchase a paid plan or program by using the links provided on this page, I may receive a commission for that purchase at no additional cost to you. 

This site is not intended to provide financial advice and is for entertainment only. You can read our affiliate disclosure in our privacy policy.


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