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Supermetrics review

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Supermetrics is a very fitting name for this data-grabbing tool. Supermetrics saves users time and creates a hassle-free channel for pulling data into your Excel, Google Sheets, or even Data Studio Dashboard. 

Marketers and digital advertisers deal with an enormous amount of data spanning multiple marketing platforms and software. Supermetrics removes the hassle of copying that data from individual software and programs and importing it automatically into your spreadsheets program. 

Marketers can now spend more time analyzing data than organizing and writing reports. This Supermetrics review will cover the features, benefits, price, and overall verdict of the value Supermetrics provides for the price.

Supermetrics History

Mikael Thuneberg founded Supermetrics in a contest hosted by Google. The competition was for a t-shirt for the first person to connect data from Google Analytics API to Excel. Thuneberg was able to accomplish this with little to no experience with programming. 

Thuneberg continued to expand on his discovery as he knew the pain and hassle of importing data from multiple data sources. Today, Supermetrics stands as one of the most efficient data grabber tools on the market. 

What is Supermetrics?

What is Supermetrics?

 Supermetrics is a data-grabbing tool or an ETL. Supermetrics integrates with your data source, allowing users to choose from an enormous amount of data to import into your data source. The sole purpose of the software is to pull data from multiple sources and organize it into one area. 

What Does Supermetrics Do For You?

 Supermetrics is costly, but it justifies its cost by cutting the time it takes to compile data from different resources. Analyzing data can only start when all the information is organized correctly in a suitable location to compare and contrast with previous time frames. 

Not only does Supermetrics save time for its users, but it improves the quality of your data. Supermetrics acts as a data visualization tool by importing your data into beautiful graphs and charts without effort. 

For example, Supermetrics LinkedIn connector allows you to track company pages, LinkedIn Ads, and engagement from agencies giving users powerful options for B2B marketing agencies. 

Additionally, you can pull data from multiple accounts, not just the ones set with Supermetrics. You allow various versions to interact with Supermetrics multiple times you save during your data analysis gathering and organizing process. 

Benefits and Features

 Since this is an analysis of a metrics tool, your primary focus must be on how this tool manages to save your time and money. 

The amount of time you save manually copying and pasting reports into your spreadsheets programs is reason enough to show interest in Supermetrics. Still, Supermetrics also offers extensive utility for SEO, data visualization, and performance marketing

Automate SEO Reports

Supermetrics for SEO performance reporting

Supermetrics provides its users with extensive SEO utility. SEO content and optimization have always been an intensive and time-consuming process. Supermetrics helps ease the process by automating reports, analysis, and metric sorting. 

Keyword research and SEO content audits are time-consuming manual processes. Even so, since you can create custom templates and automation with the Supermetrics side tool in Excel or Google Sheets, you don’t have to repeat the same arduous processes. 

The most significant benefit to SEO specialists has to be the ability to pull metrics from multiple data sources – Ahrefs, Semrush, Google Search Console, you name it, they’ve got it.

Not can you instantly important these metrics into a Google Sheet or Excel, but you can also choose what metrics to compare, analyze, and track. 

Web Analytics

Supermetrics gives users the ability to create unique automated web analytic dashboards. Using dashboards as a natural alternative to full-scale data reports allows users to translate their data more effectively and clearly. 


Supermetrics imports data directly into your spreadsheets program. While you may think that’s how all data-grabbing tools work, you’d be wrong. Most programs that import and export data first transfer and clean it on their servers. 

Supermetrics doesn’t alter or clean your data on its servers, leaving less room for security issues. Additionally, according to safety reports, there have been no breaches, security problems, or privacy concerns. 

Marketing Performance Reports

Supermetrics for performance marketers

The primary use agencies have for Supermetrics is to automate marketing reports and data. While you can push all your data directly into your spreadsheets, you also have the option to create cross-channel dashboards. 

You can create these dashboards in Google Data Studio by connecting all the data sources you want to track. You’ll then organize and build the dashboard so that all your data will automatically flow into one place. 

In addition to your cross-channel dashboards, you can automate your ad spend tracking. Supermetrics will inform you of major or minor spending discrepancies through rule-based email alerts. 

Social Media Reports

Supermetrics for social media reports

Full access to social media analytics data becomes critical for marketing agencies that rely on social media marketing campaigns

Most of the time, agencies use multiple social media accounts to collect and track data. Monitoring these accounts becomes complex and leaves room for human error. With Supermetrics, you can pull granular campaign-level data to your spreadsheet program.

You can then compare data across multiple accounts and track the most critical metrics. The analysis process becomes nearly instant, and marketers can objectively measure the success or failure of the marketing campaigns.


Supermetrics allows users to create impressive marketing reports, dashboards, and charts within seconds through their template gallery. These templates work wonders for small agencies who don’t have time or experience creating cohesive charts and graphs reports. 

Users have the option of over 50+ dashboards and templates to create smooth and fluent dashboards or custom reports. These templates are also flexible, so you can change and edit the information and visuals to meet your needs. 

Supermetrics Pricing

Supermetrics pricing plans

There are three different price plans with two main versions, Supermetrics Excel and Supermetrics Google Sheets. I’ll be using the price for Excel, but the same fee applies to Google Sheets but with some data source changes. 

Something to note, Google Sheets has more data source options for each package than Supermetrics for Excel. Additionally, there is no Supermetrics referral program or discounts.


The essentials plan, starting at $69, covers the most basic needs of users. You can choose from seven data sources, your data will atomically refresh weekly, and you can have up to ten user accounts per data source. 

Acting as a Supermetrics bargain deal, the essentials package is for smaller agencies and teams relying heavily on Facebook ads and Google Ads. 

If this is your core focus, there is no real reason you’ll need to go beyond essentials. Additionally, you can add a data source for an extra $29 per month. 


 The core package starts at $199 and is Supermetric’s most popular plan. The core package covers the necessities of agencies. Users can access twenty-two data sources, and your data refreshes automatically daily. You’re limited to 10 accounts per data source.

Another important note is that for both the essentials and core packages, only one user can access the Supermetrics tool. The core package provides extensive social media coverage so that you can pull metrics from Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, and even Pinterest Ads.

The main advantage of the core package over the essentials is access to more data sources and daily refreshes. Additionally, you can get two more data sources for $29 per source per month. 


 The final mainline plan is the super package starting at $499. As the most impressive baseline plan, the super package is available for agencies with more complex data needs.

The super package provides users access to fifty-one data sources, custom fields, and daily refreshes. Each Supermetrics package doubles the number of data sources available, and with the super package, you’ll have all your data source needs. 

Interestingly enough, Supermetics super package provides you access to three additional users. The value you get from the super package is terrific if you’re a medium to large-sized marketing agency. 


Supermetrics does offer users an extremely impressive enterprise option. The price varies depending on your needs and quotes, but here are some of the plan’s benefits.

First, you’ll have domain-wide access and a dedicated customer success manager. Additionally, you’ll get automated hourly data refreshes and premium support.

Finally, you’ll access premium data sources like Google Campaign Manager, Google Trends, and Searchmetrics. For large agencies, the enterprise package is a no-brainer. It provides everything you’ll need to ensure your team gets the most out of Supermetrics.

Which Version of Supermetrics Should You Get?

Before committing to a version of Supermetrics, you should review Supermetrics as a whole. What package will you need, and how do you feel about the Supermetrics price? 

There is no definitive version of Supermetrics that a user has to get, but depending on your needs, you may get more value out of the Supermetrics super plan compared to their essential plan. 

Most users will use the core package, but large agencies will surely take advantage of the super plan. You’ll find value from the essentials package if you’re a smaller agency or a small team of marketers. 

If your agency only focuses on Facebook and Google Ads, you won’t need the extra benefits of the core or super package. 

Is Supermetrics Worth the Cost?

 Before committing to Supermetrics, you’re given a free trial and three different packages depending on which data sources you want to use and what additional add-ons you want. 

If you’re a large or medium-sized marketing agency or SEO specialist, Supermetrics is worth the cost, and here’s why. The research process and organization process of data

Supermetrics Pros and Cons

Supermetrics pros & cons

Supermetrics does its part just fine as a data grabber tool, but with its benefits come a few inherent downsides. 


  • Detailed tracking

  • Massive time save

  • Little to no technical issues


  • Costly

  • Individual plans for data sources

Alternative to Supermetrics

 While Supermetrics takes an original and impressive approach to data transportation, it’s not the only option out there for data organization. Here are some Supermetrics alternatives that may prove more useful to you. 


 Like Supermetrics, Funnel offers users a way to grab metrics from multiple data sources and import them into a spreadsheet program. Funnel is a cheaper alternative to Supermetrics with a few differences and granular metric limitations. 

What Does Funnel Do Different Than Supermetrics?

 The way Funnel transfers data is entirely different than how Supermetrics does it. Funnel stores the information it will transfer on a server, then proceeds to import that data into your source. 

Supermetrics directly pulls that data from points A to B without going through C. Unfortunately, Funnel does have limits to the metrics available to collect. Supermetrics heavily outperforms Funnel when pulling different metrics, giving it more flexibility than Funnel.


Truly an all-in-one package, Adverity is a comprehensive AI-based analytics platform that supports digital marketers and analysts. As a data grabber and analytics tool, Adverity provides unique analytic insights to help improve your market analysis while also transferring data.

What Does Adverity Do Different Than Supermetrics?

 Following the same idea as Funnel, Adverity stores data on its end, cleans it, and transfers it to the user. Adverity also prices its service differently from Supermetrics. You have to get a complete quote from Adverity to see how much it will cost.

That may seem like a downside, but Adverity actively works by providing features you’ll use instead of making you pay for parts and support you may not need. Adverity also offers more integrations and data sources than Supermetrics. 

Zoho Analytics

 While Supermetrics focuses on grabbing and importing data directly into your spreadsheet software, Zoho focuses on a unified experience for marketers. Zoho Analytics is an impressive marketing tool with numerous integration and data visualization options. 

What Does Zoho Analytics Do Different Than Supermetrics?

 Zoho Analytics is a more affordable alternative to data-grabbing tools like Supermetrics. It’s a self-service BI tool focusing on reporting and creating dashboards to view and organize your data. Supermetrics does what Zoho does but condenses it into uniform spreadsheet programs. 

Supermetrics is an extension to your spreadsheets while all data is analyzed, organized, and distributed on the Zoho Analytics platform. While both allow data analysis, organization, and visualization, they do so differently. 


 Through Fivetran, you get real-time data reporting and an insane amount of utility. Boasting marketing, finance, sales, and data reporting, Fivetran stands as one of the lead alternatives over Supermetrics. 

What Does Fivetran Do Different Than Supermetrics?

 Something important that Fivetran does better than Supermetrics is giving freelancers and small teams a more affordable alternative for a data-grabbing tool. Users can select a standard plan for only $60 a month. 


 Built to simplify marketing, accelerate sales, and streamline customer service, Hootsuite stands as the most popular social media management platform for marketers. 

What Does Hootsuite Do Different Than Supermetrics?

While Supermetrics has most marketing agencies in mind, Hootsuite strictly considers social media metrics for marketing agencies. Therefore, their dashboards and metrics emphasize social media marketing campaigns and engagement data.

Supermetrics offers similar dashboard capabilities with an emphasis on social media. While not as impressive as Hootsuite, it is an available feature that even Forbes wholeheartedly supports. Additionally, Hootsuite has team metrics to allow agencies to track their team member’s productivity while Supermetrics doesn’t.

Should You Pick an Alternative?

 Depending on your needs, you may want to consider one of the alternatives above. Each software offers users something important, but none of these alternatives provide the speed and power of Supermetrics. 

Visually, more unique options for displaying your data, such as Zoho Analytics. Still, the sheer amount of metrics and data you can extract with Supermetrics is the main appeal. 

If you care more about optimization and raw metrics, there is no better alternative than Supermetrics. If you need a cheaper alternative to Supermetrics, Fivetran is perfect as a discount Supermetrics. 


Supermetrics FAQ

Here are the most common questions about Supermetrics.

How does Supermetrics work?

 Supermetrics functions to do multiple things for users, but the primary use of Supermetrics is the data-grabbing functionality. Supermetrics acts as a sidebar for your spreadsheets programs such as Excel or Google Spreadsheets. 

You have to link your data sources to Supermetrics, and once you do, you can pull data from all those sources. Additionally, you can pull data from multiple accounts. There are numerous filter options to pick and choose from, and once you do, your data imports into your spreadsheets automatically. 

Is Supermetrics challenging to use? 

 Supermetrics is extraordinarily intuitive and easy to use. 

Is Supermetrics safe to use?

 Yes, Supermetrics is entirely safe and secure to use. Other tools relay your data through their servers, but Supermetrics imports all your data directly into your spreadsheets application. 

Is there a free version of Supermetrics?

There is currently no free version of Supermetrics that users can use. 

Bottom Line

 You have to ask yourself, is the time you save with Supermetrics worth it? After reading this Supermetrics review, you can see the value of this software. The time you save with Supermetrics will make up for the monthly cost of owning the software. 

Not only is the value there, but the features are just impossible to ignore. Direct data comparison, data visualization templates, scheduled data refreshing, and just full control of your metrics. 

Supermetrics gets a strong recommendation for marketers and agencies looking to save time and be productive. You can try it out yourself and make your final decision. Supermetrics is well worth the cost, but a free trial is available if you have doubts.  



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