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As increased EU regulation and iOS user protections have blossomed, cookies and native platform advertising tracking have taken a severe hit in reliability & accuracy.

This new gap in data has created a new industry of ad tracking tools, all claiming to find the miracle missing data your company needs to thrive.

At the forefront of this booming industry is Hyros. 

So, What Is Hyros? 

What is Hyros?

Hyros (formerly Market Hero) is an advertising tracking platform run by CEO Alex Becker. Hyros integrates into your business, ad manager, landing page & email marketing platforms allowing you to track ad spend, conversions, and how effective your marketing strategies are to a high degree of accuracy. 

Hyros can find revenue from your Google ads, Facebook ads, email marketing, and even organic traffic that other tracking tools such as Google Analytics aren’t reporting.

They claim that they can track your ad conversions from multiple traffic sources with far more accuracy than any other software tracking tool, allowing you to make the right decisions and scale up profitable ad campaigns.

Below is a Hyros review and the answers to some of the top questions you might have. Is Hyros the miracle for your business that it claims to be? How much is Hyro? Can Hyros track your ad’s ROI as effectively as they claim? And if they can, is it worth the steep price tag?

Why You Should Be Using Ad ROI Tracking

Tracking the ROI of your ads is essential if you are running any ads online today. Whether that be Facebook, TikTok, Google, or any other online media platform. It is difficult to measure your campaign performance metrics and ROI reliably and accurately.

Mismeasuring the conversions and ROI of your ads can have devastating effects on your company. Not having a third party track this information for you can lead you to cut ads that are getting the most customers or overpay for advertisements that aren’t making conversions. 

If you’re using ads in any online space and want to maximize your advertising impacts, you should use a third-party software company to help you out.

While many places you can buy ads from will offer estimated conversion rates, clicks, and ROI, these are notoriously unreliable. Many of these platforms are limited by their terms of service or the terms of service of the devices they run on. Therefore, while these metrics can be relatively helpful, they should not be used alone when making decisions. 

What Hyros Does

What hyros does

Hyros can track ad attribution to the point of knowing which ads generated which sales, track the effectiveness of your email marketing, and track call funnels and long-term value across the customer journey.

Hyros effectively does what most ad tracking software does. It provides a consolidated, reliable platform to look at the data and analytics of your ads and provides conversion and ROI/ROA estimates in detailed reports.

Like most ad tracking platforms, Hyros pinpoints which of your ads is most effective and which you should consider cutting out. Hyros fills the conversion tracking data gaps for which Google, Facebook, and other platform ad trackers are notorious.

How Hyros Is Different From Alternatives

The difference between Hyros and other alternative software could significantly impact your company. Hyros is an elite, exclusive club, and they have their reasons for being so. 

Hyros Is by Invite and Application Only

You can’t just sign up for Hyros like on other platforms. Hyros claims that this is so they can ensure better customer service and the best experience for their users. The Hyros reviews from current customers on their Facebook page and website appear to back this up; their customer service is top-of-the-line, and you can expect comprehensive and helpful support if you get in. 

Hyros Is Customized for Each Customer

Hyros builds a custom AI tracking setup for each of its customers. A customized tracker means better and more accurate data points for your team to use, tailored to your needs and business. It also means fewer data gaps and missed conversion metrics. 

The Benefits

Benefits of Hyros

Hyros is a successful platform used by thousands of thriving businesses, like ShopNova, ClickFunnels, and Frank Kern, and they haven’t gotten to where they are without a product that works. 

Long Form Customer Tracking

Hyros utilizes what they call print tracking. It tracks your customers throughout the whole customer journey from the first click up until the sale, even if they change their devices, email, phone, and even IP address. Hyros can keep tabs on your customers for months and even years.

This kind of information is hugely valuable to marketers. It can help you determine the efficacy of an ad even if it doesn’t result in a direct and immediate sale and can allow you to see your customer’s actual long-term value. 

Simple User Interface

One of the most considerable benefits of Hyros is its user interface (UI) and ad integrations. Hyros is easy to install- they advertise the ability to set it up in just two easy clicks. Their data is also easy to read, so even those without solid data backgrounds should have no trouble understanding their reports.

Many of these platforms can be challenging to set up and interpret unless you have experience. Facebook Pixel, for example, can take a long time to employ and is challenging to interpret. With Hyros, you won’t have trouble getting set up. Even if you do, Hyros’ customer service can help you correct the course. 

You can also download a helpful Hyros Chrome extension for various platforms.

Don’t mistake the simple, user-friendly design as low-tech or providing minimal data, however. Just because it is easy for the average user doesn’t mean it doesn’t hyper-accurate tracking throughout the marketing funnel.

Marketers and data scientists will have plenty of new ad data to work with when making calls and future ad decisions.


Hyros won’t let you into their customer base unless they can ensure you will receive the best service, so they have strict regulations about whom they will take as a customer.

You’ll need to have at least $10,000 a month in ad spend and $40,000 of revenue to qualify for their services.

It may seem like a drawback, but it’s actually a benefit for you. You know that, if accepted, you will get your money’s worth. 


 In a video by their CEO Alex Becker, the company demonstrates that users can integrate their analytics into their current data conversion setup. This integration means you won’t have to log in to their platform whenever you want to check your ads and conversions, and your data management team won’t have to learn entirely new software.

Can Decrease Advertising Costs

In addition to adding revenue by telling you which avenues have the best ROI, Hyros can decrease your advertising costs by as much as 20-30% without negatively impacting sales.

They do this by more effectively training your company’s AI and directing money into the most effective areas while cutting ads that aren’t converting customers. 

Hyros Can Track Almost Anything

Hyros can track almost anything

All ad tracking platforms can perform various kinds of tracking. Most are integrated with Shopify, Salesforce, and various social media platforms. Where these other platforms fall short, however, Hyros thrives.

Hyros can track the effectiveness of your emails, phone conversion rates, and the lifetime value of your customers. 

Hyros is also exceptional at customer tracking. For example, suppose a customer sees an ad for your product on their phone on social media, then switches to searching for it on their computer. The customer then proceeds to purchase your product with a phone call. Hyros can track that customer step-by-step through each part of the process. 

The Drawbacks

With Hyros’ unique customization and customer service comes the fine print. While Hyros may provide some of the best services available and some of the most accurate data, when you weigh the benefits against the drawbacks, it might not be the ultimate end-all solution you’re looking for. 


Hyros pricing

How much does Hyros cost? 

Hyros’ pricing is not very transparent, so it’s hard to know how much you’ll be paying for the service. The organic traffic plan starts at $99 per month for up to $50,000 in revenue tracked. And their paid traffic plans start at $199 a month. The only way you can know for sure is to book a call with their sales representatives.

These rates are far above competitor rates. For example, RedTrack.io starts at just $86 per month.

Not for Every Company

Hyros is not ideal for small businesses and companies with relatively low ad spending. First, because of their requirements, the 10k mentioned above per month on advertising is not a light price tag.

Second, when considering Hyros, consider where your sales are coming from. Hyros is an online ad tracking software, so if most of your sales come through word of mouth and other forms of offline methods, this won’t be the best solution for your business.

Scaled Pricing

Hyros understands the value they are adding to your company, so they don’t offer flat rates to their customers. Instead, the more benefit they bring to your company, the more they expect to be paid.

While a reasonable business model, their price scaling may mitigate some of the profits you might make from using Hyros. For example, their data and analytics might allow you to grow your business and advertise more effectively, drawing in new customers. Over time, you will increase profit- and Hyros will increase their price to match. 

It’s difficult to determine their metrics for pricing, so it’s also challenging to determine how much of a cut they will end up with from your new growth. 

Hyros Competitors & Alternative Options 

Hyros competitors

Whether you’re not the target market for Hyros, your company got rejected by their application process, or the Hyros pricing was too steep, you’ll find plenty of lower-cost but still-effective alternatives to consider.

While none of these options offer the kind of customer tracking that Hyros gives you, they are all reasonable ad tracking tools that can help if you’re running a smaller business or spend less on advertising. 


ThoughtMetric is an excellent alternative option for smaller businesses focused on e-commerce. They have scaled pricing based on the size of your business but significantly lower costs than Hyros. 

Unlike Hyros, ThoughtMetric has transparent pricing, so you know exactly how much you’re paying for the service before you get in touch.


RedTrack offers many of the same services as Hyros and other ROI tracking services. They provide transparent pricing and decent benefits like most other services.


TripleWhale offers conversion metrics and analytics from all of your tools in one place, and their customers are happy. TripleWhale is ideal if you need quick access to all your data on the go.

Other Hyros Alternatives

Some other options to look into before committing to Hyros or other options are:

  • Windor.ai

  • Enquire Labs

  • Measured

  • Segmetrics

  • LeadsRx

  • Dreamdata

  • Wicked Reports

  • Glew

  • Rockerbox


There are lots of benefits to choosing Hyros and a few key drawbacks. To review:


  • Integration with your current software

  • Through exclusive access, Hyros ensures the best customer service and efficacy

  • One of the most straightforward user interfaces in the market

  • Some of the best customer tracking available


  • Hyros isn’t very transparent in their pricing options

  • You will need to apply to use their services

The Verdict

Considering everything outlined in this Hyros review, should you use Hyros for tracking? 

For many companies that don’t have an ad spend upward of 10k per month advertising, Hyros is likely not the best fit. If you don’t reach that level of ad spending but you’re still looking for good ad tracking software, look at a lower-priced competitor to see what it can do for your company.

Many companies are happy with their choice and continue to use Hyros for their ad tracking needs. However, many other places have succeeded without needing Hyros’ detailed analyses. It’s certainly possible to make do with another platform while spending much less money,

If you are an extremely web and ad-focused business with an appropriate amount of revenue, Hyros might be a good option. Consider the price point, and book a consultation with a Hyros specialist. They have a 90-day money-back guarantee, so if you don’t see your ROI go up or you don’t see increased conversions and sales, you can always cancel your account. 



Some of the links in this article are affiliate links. If you decide to purchase a paid plan or program by using the links provided on this page, I may receive a commission for that purchase at no additional cost to you. 

This site is not intended to provide financial advice and is for entertainment only. You can read our affiliate disclosure in our privacy policy.


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