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Review The Program

The Design Sprint program overview contains detailed information about the goal, process, tech stack & pricing.

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Fill Out Your Survey

Fill out the survey. It contains everything you'll need (at minimum capacity) to design & build a webpage → website.

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Reach Out For Preparation Guidance & Tech Setup

When you have about 80% of the resources prepared, reach out to walter@waltervoronovic.com

I'll review your survey & design assets, guide you through the rest of the preparation process, and help you set up domain, hosting, WordPress & Elementor. 


Organize Into Two Groups of Six People

To initiate Design Sprint V1.0, we need to organize twelve participants into two groups of six.

Each group has to confirm a separate (3h) time slot during one week. 

You can view the open time slots in the program overview document.

These twelve participants have to have a signed-off survey & tech set up. 

I'll issue updates about the most active time slots via email. So - make sure to follow updates there. 

Best of luck &

Hope to see you in Design Sprint V1.0!

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I created Design Sprint for people who want maximum freedom of design choices without complex technologies.

It’s based on a fundamental truth – the fastest way to learn something is by doing it.

So – we spend every second of our live workshops on implementation. Helping you create the web experience you’ll feel proud to present.

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