Dropfunnels Review: Is It Worth the Cost in 2022?

Dropfunnels review

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Using tools and software to boost your online business growth is always a great tactic. However, picking the right tool and figuring out the best sales funnel software for your business can be a headache.

The process involves a lot of research, especially if you prefer exercising caution. And finding service can be expensive, and there is always the risk of the software not being up to your expectations. Many sales funnel builders can be too complex and require you to get past a difficult learning curve to use simple functions. 

Dropfunnels requires no tech skills or coding knowledge to use its features; It is straightforward to use and has a lot of click-and-drag functionalities for customization. 

With DropFunnels, you can get a website up and running quickly; It is an all-in-one marketing solution.

With their templates and click-and-drag function, you can quickly build an effective sales funnel, alongside many other useful features.

This DropFunnles review will discuss how DropFunnels holds up in 2023 in its pricing and features and compare it to competitors such as ClickFunnels.

What Is DropFunnels?

What is DropFunnels

DropFunnels is a marketing solution powered by WordPress that combines many tools into one platform. You can build entire sales funnels, webpages, authority blogs, course hosting, membership sites, and customizable checkouts.

DropFunnels also has excellent SEO support to help your website stand out from the competition. By standing out from the competition, your website will generate more traffic causing more sales.

Most funnel-building programs do not include SEO support which directly affects how you rank on Googles searches.

Through all the offered DropFunnels templates, you can put together a sleek website design without any prior website development experience. Even if you dislike most of their pre-built models, you can customize them to your preference through their easy-to-use click-drag system. 

As for the funnel builder, they also offer plenty of prebuilt options to pick from to get you started with an effective system.

Using an effective sales funnel will positively impact your sales, as you ensure more customers continue longer with their potential purchases.

With good website design and effective sales funnel techniques, your customer is less likely to back out during any stage of purchasing. 

Who Is DropFunnels For?

DropFunnels is a tool tailored for business owners who sell their goods online. DropFunnels is an excellent choice for combining website and funnel building into one platform.

DropFunnels has a solid website-building tool that will fit the needs of business owners that wish to focus on having an interactive website with features such as blog posts while maintaining an effective sales funnel.

DropFunnels Benefits & Features

DropFunnels has all the features you might need without having to use third-party solutions to complement it. Have a look at all the options in detail below in this DropFunnels review.  

Website Building 

Dropfunnels website building

Website building using DropFunnels template options is excellent for making websites with ease. All options are customizable with their click-and-drag feature, meaning you can customize any template to meet your vision. 

DropFunnels features over 90 widgets that work straight out of the box. 

Website building heavily relies on templates to help with your website-building journey, as templates can introduce new aspects to your website effortlessly. 

Templates include blog posts, webinars, landing pages, checkout & sales pages, and many more.

Drag and drop allows you to create functional websites without needing technical knowledge. The dragging feature resembles Builder Beaver, which is a WordPress plugin that simplifies the building process. 

The appearance of your website can change to suit your preferences, so you can get it to match your image and branding theme. 

Built in Link Tracker

A link tracker is included in DropFunnels to help you gauge the effectiveness of particular links.

With the link tracker, you can measure how many people have clicked on your links and keep metrics on conversion rate and interaction.

Using this feature, you can accurately determine what features and strategies are working and which are not. 

Blog Posts

You do not need to be concerned about a cap restriction if you intend to have an active blog. DropFunnels features unlimited blog posts meaning you can publish as many as you desire.

Your blogs will include SEO tools to help your Google search visibility. 

Blog posts are a great way to boost organic website traffic and are a great tool when used correctly. 

Even if you have never written a blog post before, DropFunnels will take care of all the technical aspects; all you have to do is come up with the content.

Using blog posts to advertise niche products is an excellent way to rank high on search engines; this will also boost organic traffic to other areas of your website. 

If you’re worried about the writing part of blog posts, DropFunnels has plenty of training videos aimed at helping new writers create successful blog posts.

Google’s SEO guide also discusses the importance of a blog post and its effectiveness in promoting your website. Google recommends making blog posts whenever a new service or feature is released by your business, as it is an effective way to promote your new service free of charge.

Cart and Checkout Features

DropFunnels provides an advanced cart feature, so you don’t need to worry about integrating a third-party solution with additional fees. You can start editing a pre-built checkout page and use the dragging system to customize it to your preference.

The checkout page includes features such as one-click upsells, custom information form fields, and several-step checkouts. You can add payment integration with PayPal, NMI, Stripe, and Authorize.net.

If you do not mind Crypto, coin payments are also supported.

SEO Functions

DropFunnels has integrated SEO support into every part of its service and is very easy to use. 

You don’t need to be an SEO expert to start using their search engine optimization tools, they are very beginner friendly, and have lots of features that work upon implementation. 

SEO functionalities include a plethora of options such as setting titles with meta descriptions, google analytics, sitemaps, and many other advanced SEO options. 

There is also a toggleable feature that enables your reviews and FAQs to show up on Google search results.

DropFunnels SEO tools are built around Google’s SEO requirements, so you have all the necessary tools to have great search visibility.

Most other programs include SEO tool plugins that are clunky and awkward to use, and may not include every option you need. DropFunnels SEO tools are more organized and easier to use.

Focusing on SEO will result in an increase in organic search results, which is an excellent way to gather natural attention to your website. 

DropFunnels Pricing Plans & Packages

Dropfunnels Pricing plans

 To help with your decision with DropFunnels, they have included a free 14-day trial period so you can get a feel of all their features and plugins. 

DropFunnels includes two pricing plans (prices below are discounted, and may change at any time).

  • Starter Plan without the 14-day free trial is $97 a month

  • Starter Plan with the 14-day free trial is $129 a month

  • Ultimate Plan starts at $299 a month 

For larger agencies, DropFunnels offers their White Label agency plan with a minimum of 100 websites. This starts at $20 per website, per month, so you can expect to pay at least $2,000. For the total white glove treatment, the prices start at about $25 per website, so if you run with the minimum requirement, you can expect to pay $2,500.

DropFunnels Pros & Cons 

DropFunnels does a lot of things great, but there are a few things it falls short of. Let’s now discuss some advantages and disadvantages in this DropFunnels review.

DropFunnels Pros

With this sales funnel builder, you won’t have any issues with the upload speed of your website, and you have all the options at your disposal to make your business grow.

Fast Loading Speeds 

Since DropFunnels was built from WordPress, loading times are always fast. Longer loading times might always risk your potential customer leaving.

Another good part of having super-fast load times is that slower-loading websites rank lower on search engines such as Google. Having a website that takes forever to load will have direct effects on its SEO ranking, causing it to rank lower.

For desktops, load times are generally under the 1-2 second load period. Mobile phones are under 3-4 seconds. 

Lots of Built-in Tools

 With other web-page-building platforms, you might need to resort to a few third-party solutions to add important features necessary for your business. DropFunnels has a vast arsenal of tools and plugins to match almost every need your business might have for its website.

You get to save a lot of money by not subscribing to a bunch of other plugins. With DropFunnels they are already there.

The same goes for blog posts, link trackers, themes, unlimited sales funnels, unlimited landing pages, and SSL certificates. 

Not only do you save money by having one subscription to focus on, but it’s also much less of a hassle having to focus on only one platform for your entire sales funnel.

You don’t need to worry about integration, incompatibility, and increased loading times from adding new features.

Unlimited Blog Posts

Blog posts are a great way to boost organic growth for your business. With blog posts, you create content that can rank highly on search engines.

There are many ways you can benefit from business blog posts, and they range from increasing traffic to gathering new customers and expressing your business more clearly to potential customers.

If the product you are writing a blog post on is more niche, you have a higher chance of ranking higher on search engines.

DropFunnels offers free training programs and guides on writing high search engine ranking blog posts to help your business, these videos come included free of charge with your subscription.

Free trial period

DropFunnels offers a free 14-day trial period so you can test out all the features they have to offer.

This is an excellent choice if you’re hesitant about making a decision, and want to try the platform out for yourself. 

Feel free to browse through all their templates, plugins, and other features to get a better understanding of what DropFunnels has to offer.

Excellent Customer Service

DropFunnels provides high-quality customer service with great speed.

Users report that wait times for support tickets are quick and to the point.

DropFunnels also has a comprehensive FAQ that might just answer your question without the need for a ticket.

If great customer service is a must for you, DropFunnels provides some of the best customer service support in the industry.

Create Membership sites or Course sites

DropFunnels is great for making membership or course websites with ease. 

You can start posting all your content freely without the worry of any limit, as DropFunnels provides you with unlimited pages.

DropFunnels Cons 

But there are no perfect tools, and DropFunnels certainly has its downsides. Let’s look at that in detail.

Intricate Interface

DropFunnels interface takes some getting used to.

At first, it is overwhelming with many features and plugins to choose from. 

Their interface can be a little complex to understand, but they do offer lots of tutorial videos to help.

One Domain

Currently, DropFunnels only allows one domain to be associated with your account. If you plan on using additional domains, you might have to purchase them from a third-party site.

There is still the ability to create sub-domains that are linked to your account, but you are still limited to one domain.

No Third-Party Plugins

Even though DropFunnels is built using WordPress, you cannot add third-party WordPress plugins.

DropFunnels has blocked this feature to increase its website stability and avoid issues such as site crashes.

DropFunnels has stated that you don’t need any additional third-party plugins as they offer everything you might need.

DropFunnels Vs ClickFunnels

DropFunnels vs ClickFunnels Overview

 Another similar tool available in the market is ClickFunnels. We’ll now compare ClickFunnels vs DropFunnels so that you can have the full picture.

Website Builder

DropFunnels and ClickFunnels share the same website builder concept, they both have many features, but also differ in a lot of ways.

One major upside to DropFunnels is that they use Beaver Builder as their main editing tool. Build Beaver provides fast loading times and comes with great SEO support. As previously discussed, faster loading times are great to have for online sales businesses and rank higher on search engines.

ClickFunnels is more optimized and focused on providing sales funnels, and is also regarded by some to be more user-friendly.

While both DropFunnels and ClickFunnels (read Clickfunnels vs Builderall here) are great website-building tools, ClickFunnels is a little easier to use at the start;

However, DropFunnels offers more advanced features and more in-depth customization.

The choice is yours if you prefer a simpler website builder, or want to take the effort to get past the initial complexity that comes with the DropFunnels interface.

SEO Optimization

If ranking high on search results and getting lots of free organic traffic is a priority for you, DropFunnels is your friend.

One of the main reasons ClickFunnels doesn’t perform well on search engines is that it runs from many custom domains.

DropFunnels allows only one domain per account, and this helps its search engine ranking greatly; Another helping factor is that DropFunnels runs on WordPress.

ClickFunnels focuses more on its sales funnel, and as a result, it doesn’t provide as much care for SEO support as DropFunnels does. 


Both DropFunnels and ClickFunnels provide a free 14-day trial so you can get a feel of the platform. 

Their pricing plans are very similar; However, DropFunnels offers a cheaper option albeit with fewer benefits.

DropFunnels Price Plans

  • Start Plan without the free 14-day trial is $97 a month

  • Start Plan without the free 14-day trial is $129 a month

  • Ultimate Plan $299 

ClickFunnels Price Plans

  • Basic Plan is $147 a month

  • Pro Plan is $197 a month

  • Platinium Plan is $297 a month

What Are Sales Funnels?

What are sales funnels

A good sales funnel will help you understand every stage your customer goes through during their purchasing decision. Sales funnels help provide you with the necessary metrics to improve your marketing activities and help result in more sales by optimizing your sales process.

Your sales funnel process begins from the moment a potential customer hears about your product. There are six main stages for most sales funnels.

The goal of an effective sales funnel is to minimize the loss of potential customers from each step.

Stage 1: Awareness

The initial stage is about letting your potential customer know who you are. They can find out about you in ways such as word of mouth, or viewing current company campaigns and posts on social media.

Other examples include finding out about your company from a blog or clicking on one of your ads.

Stage 2: Interest

At this stage, your buyer begins to evaluate your brand and think about moving forward with the purchasing decision or not. 

Your potential buyer will enter a research stage where they try to find out more about you and your competitors, as they want the best deal possible in the market.

A poorly designed website will immediately affect how customers perceive your company. 

Bad websites affect your business and might cause potential buyers at this stage to leave.

Stage 3: Analyzing

After your potential customer has gathered lots of information regarding your business and the competition, they will begin analyzing your price offering, available deals, and other options. 

A good sales page rich with information is very helpful at this stage, as this helps provide more information that might impact a decision.

Customers will also assess your company by looking through your website and skimming articles like blog posts.

After your customer has analyzed enough, they will decide whether they should keep going through the purchasing decision or find someone else altogether.

Stage 4: Engagement 

 Keeping engagement while your customer is in the decision-making phase is a great way to keep them hooked. 

The most common method for engagement is outreach through emails. Provide your customer with value by sending them pricing or case studies. 

Your goal is to provide value to the customer in hopes of impacting their decision.

The goal of customer focus at this point is to convert a maybe into a yes, which can take some customers some time.

Stage 5: Action

Having customers reach this stage is always a cause for celebration. They are now a customer and have made a purchase!

If your potential customer is still on stage 4, keeping engagement might cause them to go forward with the purchase.

Stage 6: Customer Retention

Keeping your purchasing customer engaged with your business is vital in ensuring they stay a loyal customer. 

Here are some ways to implement effective customer retention into your website.

  • Keeping an active blog

  • Provide special discounts

  • Send re-engagement emails

Focusing on customer retention is sometimes cheaper than getting a potential customer from the first stage, so it is vital to keep customer retention high.

Wrap Up

Wrapping this DropFunnels review, we can conclude that DropFunnels is an excellent website-building tool with high customizability and includes a great sales funnel system. It also performs greatly on SEO and runs light due to being built on WordPress.

It offers a great click-and-drag system that allows you to edit its templates to suit your needs.

Compared to ClickFunnels, DropFunnels offers more advanced plugins and features at the cost of having a more complex interface.

However, DropFunnels is superior for SEO and gathering organic traffic. ClickFunnels struggles with SEO due to not being developed with it in mind.

If your only focus is having a simple-to-use sales funnel system, ClickFunnels might be a good pick; However, if you’re planning on posting blog posts, or having high search engine rank searches, DropFunnels is perfect for you.   


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