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Facebook ads consulting
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Are you a small business owner looking to get more out of your Facebook and Instagram ads? 

From boosting ROI to improving post engagement, there’s so much potential for growth with the right approach and strategy…

But it takes time, money, and technical experience that not all marketers have. 

This is where Facebook ads consulting services can be hugely beneficial.

Experienced professionals who have been in the game for years now have their fingers on the pulse when it comes to knowing which strategies will work best for individual businesses. 

So if you want quality insight on how to hire a Facebook marketing expert for your business, read the full article on this page.

What Does a Facebook Ads Consultant Do?

What does a consultant do?

A Facebook ads consultant does more than just run Facebook ads; they strategically advise on how to make the most of your advertising spend, capitalizing on all the features and options of the platform. 

An experienced consultant can take a deeper dive into metrics and analytics, providing insight to achieve success faster because of their direct access to the tools and techniques available through this dynamic platform. 

What follows is a list of benefits you can experience by hiring a professional advertising consultant:

Helps Improve Your Marketing ROI

Facebook ads consultants can provide an immense increase in your marketing ROI. 

A professional well-versed in Facebook’s advertising toolset can help you optimize your ad spend for maximum reach, brand recognition, traffic generation, and return on ad spend. 

From diligently tracking results to uncovering insights about audience behavior, a consultant provides valuable services that can’t be replaced with manual work or automated software. 

They understand how to leverage Facebook ads to build a loyal customer base and maximize profits – taking the hassle out of developing campaigns while ensuring an excellent return on investment. 

Working with a qualified & experienced professional is often the key difference between an average campaign and one that takes off!

Helps Create Compliant Ads Without Advertising Restrictions

Navigating through strict ad policies and avoiding advertising restrictions require a lot of time and knowledge about the ever-evolving ad platform algorithm. 

Valuable insights delivered by an experienced Facebook marketing expert can enable businesses to better understand their target audience and get the most out of their ad spend. 

Expert consultants can reveal how to run compliant ads while ensuring they reach the right people at the right time and achieve maximum results. 

Ultimately keeping these companies safe from losing money due to rejections or disabled accounts.

With a reliable guide by your side, you’ll be able to efficiently grow your brand without worrying in this heavily regulated field of promotion.

Helps Design a Testing & Scaling Strategy

Developing a testing and scaling strategy with FB ads can be like a real-life game of Jenga: the wrong movements can bring down the entire setup. 

A professional with years of running ad campaigns & a careful understanding of the FB ads ecosystem likely already has a testing & scaling strategy in place. 

An effective FB Ad testing and scaling strategy include knowing how to research, campaign planning, audience research & planning, campaign structure setup, ad budget management & scaling techniques. 

This can take years of trial and error & thousands of dollars of ad budgets to finally figure out a concept that works. 

Helps With The Correct Technical Setup

Navigating the intricate details of running ads in the Meta advertising landscape is an arduous task. 

Quickly understanding new updates and implementing freshly issued guidelines can be a challenge, even for seasoned marketing veterans. 

Fortunately, an experienced & knowledgeable ad consultant can be a game changer to technical setup accuracy.

By understanding Facebook Pixel, Conversion API implementation, and correct conversion event configuration on your website or sales funnel, you can optimize campaigns for your business goals: generating new leads & e-commerce purchases. 

Having a professional who can guide you through the ever-evolving Meta advertising ecosystem can be a lifesaver.

Helps With Advanced Targeting Strategies

Working with an experienced consultant to fine-tune your targeting tactics can pay off quickly – run ads more efficiently and get the most out of your budget. 

With a remarketing campaign, you can capture website visitors who may not have made a purchase yet and turn them into loyal customers by putting special offers & limited-time discounts to entice them into buying. 

Your consultant can also set up exclusions to avoid bombarding recent buyers, ensuring you spend money wisely. 

Overall, an experienced Facebook ad consultant will significantly improve your ability to spend ad budget accurately on the right customers for maximum returns.

How To Find & Hire a Facebook Ad Consultant

How to find & hire a facebook ad consultant

Facebook advertising consulting is a great way to make sure your campaigns are managed effectively, but finding the right service provider can be tricky. 

Before hiring, research your prospective consultant to find out if they have experience with Facebook advertising and have seen results. 

Ask for verifiable data that proves they can help you reach your Facebook marketing goals. 

Here are the seven steps you can follow to partner up with a trustworthy service ad consultant for years to come: 

Step One - Research Questions of Interest

Understanding the right questions to ask a potential Facebook ad consultant is one of the most crucial steps in finding and hiring one. 

Here are just a few questions you might be interested in researching:

  1. Do you need help mapping out a short sales campaign or selecting a long-term media buying strategy? 

  2. Are you planning to launch an online event or want consistent sales over the next twelve months? 

  3. Do you need help choosing the right audience? 

  4. Do you need help writing ad copy and creating visuals? Optimizing budget and spending? 

Knowing what questions to ask – and how to evaluate responses – is key to finding out if you are working with someone who can deliver measurable results for your digital campaign. 

A few moments of research into these questions now can save a lot of painful conversations later down the line. 

Step Two - Define Your Expectations

It’s crucial to be very specific in defining your expectations. Setting your budget and desired outcomes are essential for the project to be fiscally beneficial for all involved. 

However, remain flexible in execution and communication because any experienced professional will have their own systems and processes. 

So expecting them to operate as you do can be unrealistic & cause problems & resentment in both parties down the line. 

To make everything run smoothly, remember that being proactive with information and open to varying methods of operation makes all the difference.

Step Three - Ask Your Entrepreneur Friends & Network For References

While many resources can help research potential prospects, our most reliable insights come from the people we know and trust.

Your entrepreneur friends and network most likely already are familiar with the ins and outs of various ad consultant services.

Although a lot of research can go into selecting the ad consultant right for you, getting a referral from someone with firsthand experience with the consultant can make all the difference in choosing an effective specialist. 

Your entrepreneur friends and network already know the pros & cons and can consult on which service provider would work best for you. 

Don’t underestimate the value of personal connections when making such an important business decision.

Step Four - Reach Out To Candidates You Deem Worthy

Now, if you find yourself in a bit of a pickle and none of the candidates from your network fit the bill, reach out to other qualified prospects. 

You can do so by placing ads on relevant Facebook groups and online freelance sites like Upwork showcasing your mission and goals.

Once you choose a qualified candidate that resonates with you, set up a discovery call to learn about their methods, processes & past results

Taking this extra step will ensure that you make the most educated ad campaign decisions possible – not just for now but far into the future.

Step Five - Evaluate The Offers, Communication Styles & Availability

Now that you’ve narrowed it down to the top consultants, you can begin the vetting process and make your final decisions. 

Here are some tips: 

  • Does the consultant have previous experience in your market & align with your goals? 

  • Assess their communication style and commitment level – is it a great fit?; 

  • Lastly, enquire about their availability – will they be flexible based on your timeline? 

These aspects are necessary to find your best pick! Time to make a choice.

Step Six - Start Working On a Test Period

After thorough research and vetting, You want to set up a three-month test period. 

This gives both parties a chance to dip their toes into the water before fully committing – long enough to form an opinion without being tucked into an overly-long deal right away. 

This way, you can ensure being on the same page with your consultant. You can get a taste of consulting style and work ethic while ensuring their strategies have positive ROI for your business before committing to a long-term contract.

Step Seven - Evaluate Results, Measure ROI & Decide To Continue or Pivot

With campaign data in hand, it is time to evaluate the numbers. How did your ad campaigns perform? 

Did you reach your ROI goals, or were they too ambitious? A successful & professional consultant will be open and transparent with their clients when discussing the successes and failures of the campaign. 

Once you have collected these insights, decide if you want to stay the course with the same strategies or pivot.

Taking the time to review performance metrics is an invaluable step toward achieving success with your ad campaigns. 

When Should You Avoid Hiring a Facebook Ad Consultant?

When should you avoid hiring a facebook ads consultant?

With all the benefits and steps laid out, it may be tempting to start looking for a consultant. 

However, there are certain situations in which you should avoid it – primarily there are three main factors:

  • You don’t have a clearly defined goal for your campaign; 

  • You’re not at the right business development stage; 

  • or you don’t have the budget for this type of service. 

If any of those points apply to you, taking time to find an alternative solution or trying a DIY approach would be the best course of action.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these challenges.

Reason #1 - Don't Have a Clearly Defined Goal

Facebook Ads can be a remarkably effective tool when used correctly, but achieving success with your ad campaign requires planning and strategy. 

Before hiring a consultant, you should decide on a clearly defined goal to have the chance of achieving it.

Without understanding the exact outcomes you’re trying to achieve, it can be difficult for the consultant to create an actionable plan.

It may sound simple, but being detailed and specific about what you want will save everyone time and effort in the long run. 

Reason #2 - Not At The Right Business Development Stage

If you’re starting and do not have any customers or substantial sales yet, relying on paid advertisements may not be the right move. It can be challenging to find, let alone convert your first customers. 

Ad campaigns cut into your profit margins, leaving little room for error when you are still in the early stages of business development and don’t know your way around all platforms quite yet. 

Instead, focus on driving free organic traffic to build brand trust with consumers before investing heavily in paid social methods.

Reason #3 - Don't have the budget

If you have a goal mapped out and are ready to scale up operations but have limited resources, setting up campaigns on your own may provide a better ROI. 

While a consultant may be able to provide a shortcut & advise on ways to maximize your efforts, remember that the money that could have been spent on ads will be spent on their pay. 

So generally, if your planned ad campaign has a budget of $5000 or less, it would be more pragmatic to do your own research, set up & manage the campaign on your own. 

However, if you still feel uncertain about your plan and need the approval of a qualified professional, why not set up an on-one-on coaching call?

This way, you can have the best of both worlds – save as much money for the actual ads, but have the details probed and examined by someone with years of experience without a long-term commitment. 

Wrap Up

As you can see, there are many benefits to hiring a Facebook ads consultant. The initial cost may seem daunting, but the potential cost savings and dramatic campaign improvements can far outweigh the up-front expense. 

Whether you already have a team or are just beginning to develop your strategy, working with a qualified expert can produce significant results. 

However, there are some circumstances where room for improvement may not exist, and funds would be better spent elsewhere. 

Make sure to carefully evaluate all the aspects of your ad campaigns before determining whether a consultant is needed. 

Now armed with this knowledge about Facebook ads, it’s time to either build upon existing strategies or start from scratch. 

Do you need help? Check out my services page when you’re ready to take your campaigns to the next level!

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