Builderall Review: Is It The Best All-In-One Platform for Growth?

Builderall review
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This article is a complete Builderall review, discussing features, pricing, and more. If you’re considering signing up for Builderall, you should know what it’s all about and what it can offer your digital marketing strategy.

Builderall reviews on the internet are all over the place. So this Builderall review consists of customer satisfaction, features, and value for money. 

What Is Builderall? 

What is Builderall?

Builderall is a digital marketing platform designed for online business owners and entrepreneurs who want to increase their online presence and digital practices. 

Marketing and design tools are available individually, but it costs business owners lots of money and time. And integrating these tools to work together can be a nightmare, which is why these all-in-one marketing platforms, like Builderall, are valuable to business owners and entrepreneurs. 

Builderall is one of many marketing platforms that combine tools to make them more accessible to businesses. Users pay a monthly or yearly fee for a Builderall plan, giving them access to all the tools and features on the platform. 

Brief Company History

Erick Salgado began the company eBusiness4us, Inc. in 2008 with a mission to help entrepreneurs and business owners excel in marketing their companies. 

Eventually, this mission birthed Builderall in 2011. Salgado wanted to create an intuitive marketing tool so that all businesses can find success through their online presence and marketing techniques. 

Today, there are more than 500,000 Builderall users, and it has assisted in building over a million business websites. Salgado continues to improve and enhance the features on Builderall to make internet business accessible for everyone. 

Top Builderall Features 

Builderall is stacked with tools and features to help businesses generate traffic and increase revenue. Many features won’t be necessary for certain companies, but there are key features and tools that every Builderall customer will likely find helpful. 

In this digital world, most people expect businesses to have specific features on their websites, and Builderall makes it easy to get started, even if you don’t have much experience with digital tools, website builders, and membership sites.

Below are the top eight features that come with Builderall. These features can launch businesses into success. It allows them to reach more clients and log successful interactions. 

Check out what Builderall’s top features can offer business owners, from SEO to e-commerce to Social media engagement. 

Cheetah Website Design  

Cheetah website design

Designing a website may sound easy enough, but the process is more in-depth and intricate than many realize. 

While companies like Squarespace and Wix can help people build generic websites, business owners can benefit from something more advanced. This challenge is where the Cheetah feature can be a massive help. 

Small business owners and entrepreneurs often don’t know the ins and outs of coding and website building, and they shouldn’t have to. With the Cheetah website builder, Builderall helps you create your website using intuitive drag-and-drop features, making it easy to set up your website however you want. 

The website builder acts as a canvas, allowing you to drag and place simple features like a brand image and complex features like a funnel or booking feature. There are plenty of options for customization and design, so you can curate a website that speaks to your company’s mission and identity. 

If you don’t know what you want in your website and aren’t the most creative, there are many website templates Builderall has to help you get started hassle-free. 

The Cheetah website builder is impressive, but it still operates using generic formats and layouts. If you want something truly unique and designed for you, you may want to hire a professional coder and website builder to develop the site. 

WordPress SEO

Builderall offers other SEO features, but none are better than its ability to integrate and install WordPress to work on the same platform. If you are already familiar with WordPress, you don’t have to abandon that system and learn a new one. You can install WordPress to work with Builderall, helping to optimize all content and designs that will help you rank higher on Google.

SEO is incredibly valuable, and many business owners and content creators know how helpful WordPress can be. You can understand how engaging your content is for the average person trying to find answers on search engines.

Along with WordPress’s SEO capabilities, it also comes with other essential plugins and templates that many entrepreneurs and business owners are comfortable using. If you already have a WordPress domain, you can easily transfer it to Builderall, so you don’t have to rebuild your site and start over again. 


Builderall CRM Features

Customer relationship management (CRM) is an integral aspect of any business. After all, without customers, there is no business. Builderall offers an advanced CRM tool, allowing business owners to track customer engagement and build customer profiles for long-term clients. 

Storing and organizing appropriate and valuable customer data and information can help business owners define their target audience, making it easier to steer marketing efforts toward them. 

Having analytics and personalized information on customers can help you engage with customers on a human level and assess the success of your business and platform. And other Builderall features contribute to your CRM, helping you stay on top of emails, traffic, and social media engagement. 

While an old-fashioned idea of customer relationship management concerns talking one-on-one with customers and offering excellent customer service, CRM goes beyond that now. You need to be easily accessible and user-friendly, which is why a Builderall app can be a valuable asset to your company. 

Mobile App Creation

Once upon a time, businesses didn’t need a mobile app to be successful. But today, having a mobile app that allows customers to engage with the company improves a business’s reputation and customer relationship management.

But like building a website, designing and launching a mobile app is not something everyone knows how to do. Luckily, Cheetah and other digital marketing tools with Builderall can help you create a mobile app for your business. Like the Cheetah website builder, the app creator is intuitive and straightforward, even if you’re not the most digitally-apt human. 

Cheetah will help you to create the app using the same drag-and-drop interface as the website builder, and you can launch your app at no cost. 

Paying to put a mobile app in stores like Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Amazon costs money if you plan to monetize the app. But if you plan to give it to users for free, Builderall allows you to launch it at no cost. 

Making a Builderall app increases the accessibility of your brand. Once a user downloads the mobile app onto their phone or another device, they’ll be more likely to use it, as it’s easier for them to access and stays at the forefront of their mind. 


Builderall ecommerce features

Not every business will utilize the e-commerce features in Builderall, but if you sell anything on your website, this is an irreplaceable feature. Setting up a website to sell products or services and securely make transactions with customers can be challenging, but Builderall makes it reasonably easy. 

The e-commerce feature and Builderall marketplace are relatively new on the Builerall platform. It allows you to build your online store and select payment and shipping options. Setting up your ecommerce system with the online store builder is straightforward and intuitive. 

The Builderall marketplace also gives you access to fun e-commerce features. You can offer customers coupons, show them pop-ups, and provide a streamlined checkout process. Not only are these added features fun for you, but they also entice and engage customers. 


Mailingboss features

MailingBoss is a Builderall feature ideal for customer relationship management, ensuring you stay in touch with customers and keep your business at the forefront of their minds. 

MailingBoss has many automated features, meaning you won’t have to review or answer every email. It allows you to set up auto-responses and scheduled email marketing campaigns, keeping customers interested and informed. 

MailingBoss also makes it easier to create email marketing campaigns, offering beautiful templates that will be more tempting to customers. 

Humans base decisions on familiarity, so the more they see your logo and company name, the more likely they are to select your business when they need a product or service you provide. 

The feature also helps you organize different mailing lists, so you can effectively communicate promotions and offers to the appropriate emails. Splitting subscribers into different categories allows you to send more targeted emails, increasing your conversion and engagement rates. 

And when you use MailingBoss, you will receive stats on your email campaigns, showing how well they performed and how to improve them. If you take full advantage of what MailingBoss offers, you’ll see an increase in the effectiveness of your email campaigns and more engagement. 

Traffic Management

Traffic management uses two main elements to help business owners: an on-page SEO report and a click map. Traffic management is all about knowing how much attention your website is getting, who it’s getting attention from, and what you can do to improve the user experience. 

This information helps business owners leverage their online presence and optimize marketing techniques. 

Builderall has helped business owners understand how their website visitors navigate their website, giving them some insight into what parts of their website page attract interactions and which do not. 

The on-page SEO report tells you how well your website page ranks against a keyword of your choice. While looking at your webpage, you can run different keywords, and the on-page report will give you a score and tips to improve your SEO score. 

The second feature to help with traffic management is the click map. Not many other digital marketing platforms include such a unique but innovative feature. The click map operates almost like a heat map, showing the areas on your website pages that people click on or hover over the most. 

This click map gives business owners and entrepreneurs a lot of insight into how people interact with their websites. They can see what links, products, images, pages, videos, and information most entice visitors and make website adjustments accordingly. 

Traffic management comes down to the power of knowledge. The more you know about your customers, and what they think of your website, the better you can cater to their needs and wants, building strong customer relationships and business success. 

Social Media Engagement

The last prominent Builderall feature to discuss is the social media engagement tools. While businesses used to list themselves in the Yellow Pages, now they have to have a website, mobile app, and social media presence. It seems like the requirements are endless. 

Luckily, Builderall plans come with social media engagement tools, allowing business owners to automate posts and interactions. And this isn’t for just one social media platform. 

Builderall has features compatible with Facebook, Instagram, and more, so you can reach existing and potential customers via different avenues. 

Rather than spend time curating posts and ensuring they go out at the optimal time, Builderall apps can automate this process, so you can keep up with social media trends and keep followers engaged without lifting a finger. 

Buiderall social media features also help link your accounts to your website and vice versa, so customers can easily find your social media accounts and website, no matter where they first discover you. 

Additional Features

The eight features discussed above are the main benefits of using Builderall. But more than 1,000 features and over 50 tools are available for users, depending on the plan. 

You can also access the following tools and features through Builderall.


Builderall chatbots

You can’t be there to answer every email and customer question instantaneously. But a chatbot feature on your website can help customers feel acknowledged. These chatbots can answer basic questions and offer simple guidance. 

Virtual Messengers

 Virtual messengers are similar to chatbots, but they’re more high-tech. Virtual messengers can help with more complex customer problems and also work with voice commands. 

3D Photo Editor

If you sell products on your website, the 3D photo editor allows you to create 3D images and enhanced graphics, meaning customers will better understand the product before ordering it. 

Video Hosting

Video hosting simply means you can upload videos to play on the landing pages of your website. For most people, a video already playing will make them stop and watch, creating easy engagement and collecting video testimonials from your customers is a great way to improve your credibility and social proof.

Browser Notifications

Builderall has a feature that allows you to create browser notifications that pop up on devices when they browse your website. So if someone visits your site, they will receive browser notifications about promotions, webinars, new blog posts, and more. 

E-Learning Tools

 Builderall also offers online learning tools, allowing you to create online classes or courses for customers. Not only does this directly engage your customers, but it makes it easy to offer a service through a digital platform. Building online courses can be very confusing, but this Builderall feature makes it straightforward. 

Webinar Tools

Builderall webinar tools

You can set up webinars to run live classes, virtual workshops, or online training, making it an excellent tool for engaging directly with customers and showcasing the services or products your business offers. 


 With the Builderall directory, you can store customer information efficiently while keeping other contacts in one place, such as vendors or developers. 

Instagram and Messenger Automation tools

You can set up automated messages on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook Messenger. A helpful message will instantly respond when customers reach out with comments or questions. 

Booking Application

You can allow customers to book meetings, appointments, or consultations online. It means there’s no need for a receptionist, and you don’t have to worry about missing out on business because you couldn’t answer every phone call. 

Sales Funnels

Sales Funnel builder

When building an online business, there are two main options business owners & marketers can take. You can build a regular online store or a sales funnel with a specific set of steps.

Builderall offers plenty of sales funnel templates & a canvas funnel builder that enables you to create product filters and funnel steps.

Signing Up for Builderall

 Are you wondering about the sign-up process for Builderall? Here’s a look at what to expect.

1. Register

 The first step is registering on the Builderall website and creating a new account. To do this, you don’t have to have a website domain or put down any money or credit card information. This is just the first step to getting you into the Builderall dashboard. 

2. Learn

 Once you’re in Builderall with your account set up, there will be an introductory video called ‘Welcome to Builderall.’ Watch this video to get a brief overview of what Builderall offers. 

3. Choose a Plan

 Once you watch the video, you must select a Builderall pricing plan before you can access all the fancy features and tools. There are three plans to choose from, all of which will be discussed in the section below on pricing. Once you select a plan, you’ll be asked for your credit card information before you can continue. 

4. Browse Features

 After selecting a plan and entering your payment information, you can browse the features and see which ones appeal to your business needs. 

5. Start Building

 And lastly, you can start building your web presence or improving upon the one you already have. Start implementing different features and playing with Builderall tools to see how you can optimize your online platform. 


Pricing plans

Now that you know how to get started with Builderall, let’s discuss the pricing and plan options. Not every business has oodles of money to drop on marketing techniques and website design, so a cost-efficient marketing platform is essential for many entrepreneurs. Below are the four pricing options offered by Builderall. 

Builderall prices have recently changed. They once offered a Builder plan, Premium plan, Funnel Club plan, and a free trial. But now, there is a Builderall trial and four different pricing plans to choose from. Let’s look at the Builderall cost of each plan. 

Free Trial 

Once upon a time, Builderall had a forever-free plan, but they did away with that. The Builderall trial was once 30 days of use for just $1, but that offer has now dropped to just a 14-day Builderall trial. So it does seem like Builderall is getting greedier and greedier, but it may also speak to their success and popularity. 

To access this Builderall free plan, you have to go through the registration process at Builderall.com and select the plan you want to use after the 14-day free trial. 

While a two-week free trial sounds like a no-brainer, they require a credit card, even though the website says they don’t. Builderall charges you $1 for the free trial and then promptly charges you for the plan you chose following the 14 days. Many find the free trial to be a scheme to get credit card information and a difficult subscription to cancel. 

The free Builderall trial includes all Builderall features, even the ones reserved for exclusive, expensive plans. After your free trial ends, you may feel disappointed to realize the lower plans only have a fraction of the features the trial gave you. 

Cheetah Plan

The most affordable Builderall plan is the Cheetah plan. It costs only $16.90 a month, making it one of the most affordable all-in-one marketing platform plans you can find. The average price of similar plans from other companies is about $30, so the Cheetah plan is a good deal.

With the Cheetah plan, you get one domain, three subdomains, up to 2,000 subscribers, 2GB of disk space, and automatic affiliate program approval. 

Below are some of the features you get access to with the Cheetah plan:

  • Cheetah Website Builder

  • Builderall Booking and Calendar App

  • Responsive Email Builder

  • Super Fast CDN Servers

  • Website Daily Backup

  • Blogging Apps

  • DDOS Attack Prevention

  • Super Checkout for Affiliates Sales Control

  • Full SEO On-Page Optimization

  • E-commerce Checkout

  • SSL Certificate

  • Multiple Digital Marketing Training and Knowledge Base Access

Marketer Plan

 Moving up the ladder of Builderall plans, next is the Marketer plan, which is a significant jump in price. The Marketer plan costs $76.90 per month, making it far more expensive than the Cheetah plan or other competitor plans. 

The Marketer plan is ideal for someone who wants to push their brand out there and the market as much as possible. It comes with three domains, five subdomains, no limits on subscriber space, 5GB of disk space, and automatic affiliate approval. 

But aside from the added domains and subscribers, the Marketer plan offers all the same features as the Cheetah plan, just on a smaller scale. 

If you want to expand your business platform and online presence, the Marketer plan gives you plenty of space to do so. But it isn’t entirely necessary for smaller businesses, especially those without a massive customer following just yet. 

Premium Plan

The Premium plan is slightly more expensive than the Marketer plan, costing $87.90 a month. Builderall’s Premium plan is more popular and desirable than the Marketer plan, as it gives you more bang for your buck. 

The Premium plan comes with 15 domains, unlimited subdomains, 10GB of disk space, unlimited subscribers, and automatic affiliate approval. But what makes this Builderall business plan stand out is that you get access to all platform tools and every available template. Premium is an excellent choice for a bigger business with a larger client base. 

Some features you get with Premium that you don’t get with Cheetah or Market are:

  • Funnel Simulator and Data Comparison

  • Builderall Video Hosting and Manager

  • Builderall Private Chat Builder

  • SMS Messaging

  • Builderall Unlimited Magazine Builder

  • Webinar Built-in Call to Action

  • Facebook Live Streaming Tool

  • Cheetah Turbo Template

  • VA Access

  • CRM Integrated Tool

  • Aliexpress Drop Shipping Integration

  • The Unlimited Quiz App (Quizzes, Polls, Trivia, and Surveys)

Funnel Club Plan

 The Funnel Club Builderall plan is the crème de la crème of Builderall plans. It offers you access to everything they have for $87.90 a month, with an initial payment of $199. So monthly, it’s the same price as the Premium plan, but if you pay the extra $200 up front, you get access to more templates, funnels, and features. 

Funnel Club members get the same number of domains, subdomains, subscribers, and disk space as Premium members. A notable difference is that Funnel Club members get access to all funnels and templates. 

As the name suggests, the Funnel Club offers users tons of funnel options. So along with all the tools and features you get with the other plans, you also get:

  • Over 50 options of messenger chatbot niche funnels

  • Over 50 niche funnels to help you capture leads and sell 

  • Over 50 niche funnels created for agencies

  • Over 20 niche funnels to help with list building 

  • Over ten digital product funnels

  • Over ten physical product funnels

  • Over ten Builderall premium funnels

  • Over 300 Cheetah strategic funnels 

  • Weekly new niche funnels

  • Weekly new Cheetah strategic themes

Overall Value for Money

Overall value for money

 It seems that the lowest plan, the Cheetah plan, gives you the most bang for your buck. If you run a small business, the Cheetah plan should be plenty to get your website up and running and start engaging with customers. 

But if you think your business is bigger than just one domain and 2,000 subscribers, you can get one of the higher plans. But for the cost and offerings, the Marketer plan is likely the least valuable. So if the Cheetah plan isn’t enough, it’s best to jump right to the Premium plan, so you get more features for your money. 

For the Funnel Club plan, it’s only worth it if you think a bunch of added filters and a few Builderall templates are worth $200. After the initial payment, it costs the same as the Premium, so some people feel it’s worth it. 

Builderall Review: Pros and Cons

Builderall pros and cons

Knowing the pros and cons of the Builderall platform can help you make an informed and confident decision. Builderall is far from the only all-in-one marketing platform for businesses, so although it has many fantastic features, you’ll have to decide whether these features are what your business requires.


The main pros of Builderall are there seems to be no shortage of helpful features and tools. No one can accuse them of skimping on services, as they offer practically everything the typical business owner or entrepreneur could need in a marketing platform. 

The marketing tools are practical and easy to understand. If you’re looking for a user-friendly platform that allows you to explore a long list of features and experiment with your website, Builderall is an appropriate choice. 

  • Lots of features available

  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface

  • Affordable pricing plans

  • Consistent improvement and development

  • Excellent marketing tools

  • Free platform training

  • Different pricing and plan options


 On the other hand, if you want a simple and hassle-free platform that will never glitch or go offline, you may be disappointed with Builderall. Its many features sometimes come with bugs that can hinder your productivity when working on the website. 

Their customer support team is not prompt nor easily accessible. If you want a platform with 24/7 customer support to answer questions and concerns, Builderall is not ideal. Most Builderall complaints relate to their lack of customer service and response to software issues. 

  • Bugs in the software

  • Poor support response time

  • Little to no customer support 

  • Hidden fees and conditions

  • Often under construction

  • No free plan

Builderall Alternatives

If you don’t think Builderall is for you, below are the top three alternatives to help you with marketing. 


Systeme.io is more expensive than Builderall and has a more streamlined design, ideal for someone who shies away from any digital activities. 


ClickFunnels is by far the most expensive option, but it offers excellent customer support and functional features to make website design and e-commerce easy. 


Kartra offers very similar tools and features to Builder all, but for a much higher price, so it’s not the best alternative. 

Bottom Line

Builderall.com reviews range from stellar appreciation to frustration and disappointment. The Builderall price you can expect from different plans also varies widely, making it confusing when determining the value. But overall, the Builderall cost is worth it for all the features and tools you gain access to. 

As this Builderall review shows, the platform is far from perfect. The many features can be overwhelming, and customer support is severely lacking. 

But for a business owner or entrepreneur who wants to launch a successful online business, Builderall is an easy place to start. 

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